September 20, 2019
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Summary| Bepanah Pyaar 5th September 2019: Raghbir and Pragati welcomes Bappa!

Today’s episode starts with Raghbir secretly looking at Pragati and collides with Nakuul. Nakuul asks Ragbhir why he was staring Pragati. Raghbir says he was looking at Ganesh idol.

Nakuul says he selected. Pragati and Shefali praise the Idol and Nakuul ask Pragati to cover it with the cloth. Ragbhir picks up the idol to take it home but before they go home, a Punjabi couple meets Raghbir.

Mr. Chadda makes Raghbir recalls their first meeting at Manali. Nakuul invites the couple for Ganesh Puja.

Raghbir, Nakuul, Priya, Shefali, Pragati comes back home and dances to welcome Bappa. Raghbir looks at dancing Pragati and gets mesmerized. Kunti watches Raghbir and asks him to dance with Pragati.

Pragati while dancing falls in Raghbir’s arm and the duo share an eye lock. Later, Malhotra’s does Puja.
Further, Dolly shows Pictures to Pragati and Pragati finds their Manali video.

Pragati asks dolly to show her camera. She checks the Manali video and recalls her moments with Raghbir as Bani. Pragati sees the masked man in the video and thinks now this video will help her to unmask Raghbir. She requests the Punjabi couple to let her keep their camera and invites them for Ganpati celebration. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Raghbir ask Malhotra’s to celebrate Ganpati festival in Marathi style and him along with Pragati performs a dance. Here, mask man goes to take the camera from Raghbir’s room

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