Summary| Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 3rd September 2019 : Saumya and Heer miss Harman

Today’s episode of Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki opens up with 5 years leap with Saumya praying in front of God. Saumya asks God to give her strength to always protect Heer.

Otherside, Preeto and Harak dances on the occasion of Heer’s 5th birthday. Harak asks where is Heer, Preeto ask to Harak to wait for a while.

Saumya goes to check Heer and gets surprised seeing her. She recalls her moments with Harman and asks Heer why she has done so much of makeup. Heer says to Saumya that she wanted pink cheeks like her thus she did makeup. Heer says because of her cheeks she calls her Gulabo.

Here, Mahi gets pissed off seeing grand birthday celebration of Heer who is Kinnar. Preeto and Harak call for Heer. Heer hides. Preeto asks Heer to come else she will cut the cake on her behalf. Heer comes and celebrates her birthday.

Heer, Rohan and Saumya dances and Preeto imagines Harman too dancing along. Later, Saumya takes a piece of cake and goes to Harman’s pic. She pours her out to Harman and Heer comes from behind. She says to Saumya that she also brought the cake for Harman.
Saumya and Heer feed cake to Harman’s pic together. Saumya gets teary. (Episode Ends)

Precap:- Mahi says she will tell Heer kinnar truth to everyone. Preeto chokes Mahi’s throat. Saumya stands shocked seeing Preeto and Maahi.