Sundari 10th May 2022 Written Update: Sundari shared her grief to Krishna

Sundari 10th May 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sidharth, he offers lift to Sundari. She denies it reasoning Krishna assures to pick her up. Sidharth adds that he is already late so he will pick her up. Sundari shares that he won’t back off from his words. He asks her to accompany him there. Sundari says that she wanna talk with Krishna about some matters so she wanna go with him. She says to Siddhu that she will visit his house tomorrow to meet his mom. He gets excited and says that he will share this matter to dad. After he leaves Krishna comes there and appreciates her make over. He takes her to her class. Sundari shares to him that she is scared of Thiruvizha!

Doesn’t Uncle invited him to attend the function? Krishna says that he doesn’t care about Karthick at all. Let’s his taste his own medicine. Sundari complaints that she is bearing everything for the sake of Anu’s baby. She is not hiding this matter from all for that Karthick. Krishna tells her that they can’t able to stop the destiny. Let’s face it bravely rest of all in god’s hand. Nothing happened in her life according to her wish so stop worrying about others. Sundari narrates to him how did Karthick talked with Murugan as Anu’s wife. Krishna says that his luck always saving him but one day he will be caught red handed.

Sundari says that she has no idea how to manage this situation at all. Krishna assures to her that he will discuss about this with Karthick she don’t need to take tension. Meanwhile Murugan asks his henchman to go to temple he will come there after taking bath. Later village head are waiting for Murugan. Youngsters are teasing village head’s there. One of the old man scolds youngsters for disturbing them and insulting old people there. He advise him to behave according to his age. Murugan reaches to temple. They leaves to meet priest in temple. Murugan shares to priest that they decided to perform the Thiruvizha without anyone problems this year so they need word from God Karuppan. God possessed the priest when he prayed to god. Youngsters teases him seeing him acting strange. His friends asks him to stop making fun with their god Karuppan. He apologises to god.

Murugan prays to God Karuppan to bless his village people and perform this function without any problems. Priest looks on roofing but lizard didn’t make any noise at all. Murugan gets shocked to see the rotten coconut there. Karuppu shouts that lizard didn’t shout yet and coconut also rotten so he is refusing it. He gets angry and starts showing it to them. He asks them to find out the reason. Murugan asks him to say the reason. Karuppu says that one mistake happened. Youngsters asks him to give a solution to it. Karuppu faints after that. He discusses with Village head what to do next? They advises him to bring Swamyaadi here and ask solution to him. Murugan is determined to perform the Thiruvizha at any cost. Later Sundari meets her office staff and enquires them Is they are doing their work properly. He assures to her that they are doing it properly. She leaves from there. After she leaves they gossips about Sundari.

Episode end.