Sundari 10th November 2022 Written Update: Karthick lies to Anu

Sundari 10th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Karthick returning to home. Anu questions him what happened? Why is he back? Karthick lies to her that they are adamant not to accept him. Anu says that he went to meet them after these many days though they are not accepting him. He doesn’t have humanity at all.

Karthick gets angry on her. Mallika advise Anu to don’t talk with elders in disrespectful way. Anu complaints that they are going over board. Doesn’t she has money and beauty. She was carrying their heir. Then why are they not accepting her? She wishes to confront them.

Karthick denied it. He says to her that they demanded him to remove her nuptial chain. They are ready to accept him after leave Anu. She gets shocked to hear it. She asks him what did he answered to them? Karthik says that he cuts all the ties with them for Anu. She is important to him than anyone.

Anu says to him that they didn’t see her once. Doesn’t they know she is pregnant with his child. She adds that she thought village people had good heart unlike city people. But they are behaving worst.

Karthick says to her that he cuts all his tie with his family for Anu. Anu says to him that he left his family for her. She won’t leave him at any cost. He is her life and everything. We don’t need anyone our small family.

Later, Selvi reached to her home. She gets emotional seeing her husband. She apologized to him for being late. Selvi inquires him about his health. He assures her that everything will be alright. Sundari and Krishna comes there.

Selvi says to him that unexpected things happening here. Servant lies to Selvi that he got sick in her absence. Sundari forcefully takes Selvi from there. She pleads with Selvi to don’t reveal anything to uncle. He will be broken after he learn the truth.

The doctor advise them to don’t reveal any shocking news to him. If something happen to him then it will hurt our family.

Selvi says to Sundari that she didn’t lied to her husband yet. Sundari says to her that she isn’t asking her to lie him but hide the truth. Selvi tells her that it’s sin to hide the truth. Sundari falls on her feet to hide the truth. She adds that everyone will accuse her for his state. Selvi nods to her without any option.

Murugan informs Janaki that Malini is adamant to stay in home. He asks Janaki to take a good care on her. Janaki tells her that she got married. She is matured one. Stop worrying about her. Murugan adds that he wouldn’t have feel uncomfortable if he left Malini with Sundari or Krishna.

Janaki assures him that she will take care of her. Janaki inquires about uncle health. Lakshmi assures her that nothing will happen to him. Sidharth reaches there. Murugan informs him that Sundari went to Village. Sidharth shares with him that his institute arranged a National level training program.

It will help them to guide. How will Sundari attend this camp? Murugan assures him that Sundari will attend this camp. Janaki tells him that Karthick will accompany her to Kodaikanal.

Meanwhile, Murugan lost in his thoughts. Lakshmi asks him what’s bothering him? Murugan tells her that village people will misunderstand Sundari and Sidharth’s relationship. She suggests him to send Karthick with her.

Murugan tells her that he won’t do it. Work is important to him than anything. He was disappointed with Karthick’s attitude. He complaints that it’s her mistake not guiding her brother.

Episode end