Sundari 11th January 2023 Written Update: A shock awaits Sundari

Sundari 11th January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sundari asking Mallika doesn’t she considering her as her daughter? Mallika tells her she is her daughter. Sundari asks her to share what said in reports. She shouldn’t hide it from her. Mallika tells her nothing much. She shouldn’t take stress. Sundari says that she wouldn’t have stayed with her like that if results came positive. Sundari adds that she is able to guess that something is wrong. Mallika assures her that she will take care of everything. Sundari pleads with her to reveal what happened to her? Mallika asks her to don’t asks her about it. Sundari tells her that she will mentally prepared to face it. Mallika tells her it’s easy to question others but tough to answer. She assures her that she will bring back her eyesight. Doesn’t she sat on wheel chair losing her hope. But Sundari gave thar hope to her and bring a new life to her. She believed in Sundari so she is standing like that in front of her. Mallika tells her that she will also get well asap. Mallika asks her to believe in herself.

Later, Ghilli asks Arun why he is smiling. Arun tells him that Sundari won’t get her eye sight. Doesn’t Murugan cut his hand. He will snatch his happiness from him. He will make sure that Sundari won’t get her eyesight back. Ghilli says that he is planning well but end isn’t good. Every plan of him was backfired. Arun tells him that he won’t back off from his decision. Ghilli complaints that he planned to kill Sundari. Goons kidnapped wrong one and Palani died unexpectedly. Already they have complaint on their name. Police was searching for them. We shouldn’t poke our head in this matter. Arun assures him that he won’t back off from this plan. Later, Appatha watching news. Valli complaints that she is always springing her time watching it.

Murugan and Lakshmi reaches there. Murugan apologizes to Appatha for tensed her. She fainted after saw the news. Appatha tells him that she fainted due to stress. Murugan tells her that he finished the court formalities. Valli shares with him that Mallika took Sundari to the hospital. Murugan says that he knew it. She informed him about it. Valli tells him that she will accompany him. He denied it. Valli complaints that Mallika said the same to her. She couldn’t see everyone are ignoring her. Appatha asks Murugan to take her to the hospital. Later, Karthick wishes to meet Sundari so he lied to Anu that he want to go out for business purpose. Anu doubts that he may be going to meet Sundari. She lies to him that she feels dizzy. She demands him to talk in phone to finish the deal.

Kartick tells her that he wants to check the land. Anu demands him to don’t go out. Kartick asks her then why did she lend money for him debt. He feels like he was a servant here. She used to complaint that Sundari’s family treating him like that. But Mallika and Anu are treating him like that. He doesn’t like to stay in home. He adds that he is controlling his anger for her thinking about her pregnancy. Kartick tells her that he will stay in home. Later, Murugan and Valli visits Sundari in the hospital. Valli motivates her. Mallika assures him that she will be alright. He asks her to take rest and go out. Valli asks Mallika what did her report saying? Mallika reveals her what said in it. Valli is shocked to hear it. Valli gets furious and demands them to stop this operation. Valli asks Sundari to go with her. Sundari tells her that operation will start in few minutes. Valli reveals the truth to her in anger.

Episode end