Sundari 11th May 2022 Written Update: Sundari insults Karthick

Sundari 11th May 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Subbu, he is frustrated by the summer. He gets a phone call from his wife. She lashes out at him for not returning money to her yet. He informs to her that CEO got changed. She complaints that she already warned him that stop day dreaming he won’t get money. Her dad used to say he is good for nothing don’t marry him but she didn’t listen to him. He disconnects the call seeing Sundari and greets her. She glares him for wishing her without giving respect. She enquired him why is he here in her cabin without her permission? He informs to her that he feels hot outside that’s why he is here to sit in AC. She complaints that he is answering irresponsible to her she lashes out at him. She asks him to leave from there.

Sundari’s assistant comes there. Sundari enquires him why did he let him inside without her permission? All company files are on table if something went missing she is responsible for it. He informs to her that he warned Subbu but he didn’t listen to her. Sundari adds that he might take responsibility for it he should not let anyone inside her cabin. Later Lakshmi calls Sundari and enquires her Is Karthick attend the village function? Sundari adds that she said to him but he will definitely attend the function if she invite him. She supports Karthick and disconnects the call. Lakshmi thinks that she knew the truth though he supporting him.

Murugan returns to home, Lakshmi enquires to him Is Karuppu gave permission to perform the function? He denies it reasoning something wrong happened. She says it seems this year also function won’t take place. He denies reasoning he will make it happen at any cost. She asks him how is this possible? He shares to her that he asked Swamyaadi to give a solution to this problems. He will definitely inform him what did wrong happened? Let’s take decision in this matter after that. Lakshmi cries in front of god and prays for Sundari’s life. She shares her grief to god and pleads with god to stop punishing them. She fears that everyone are struggling because of Karthick’s mistake. She pleads with god to don’t punish her family for his mistake. She prays god to stop punishing them and help them to come out of this mess.

Karthick reaches to company. Sundari’s assistant didn’t allow Karthick to go inside reasoning she strictly said to him no one is allowed to go inside without permission. Karthick argued with him for not letting him inside. He complaints that he is owner of this company. He explains to him that Sundari strictly ordered to him don’t let him inside. He pushed him away and entered inside. Sundari talking with Mallika through video call and stop Karthick. She asks some doubt to her about bill. She complaints to her that huge amounts are missing in last 6 months. 7.5 lakhs money is missing without voucher.

Sundari asks her Is she has rights to poke her head in it. Mallika adds that she is CEO of that company she has all rights to question them. Mallika gives permission to her to take her own decision. Karthick gets shocked to hear it. Mallika asks her to find out whom took that money and give apt punishment to him. Later Sundari lashes out at Karthick for entering into her cabin without her permission. Her assistant blames Karthick. Sundari insults Karthick there. Karthick leaves from there and ask permission to get inside. Sundari insults him to leave from there. Karthick gets frustrated there Subbu provokes him against Sundari.

Episode end.