Sundari 12th November 2022 Written Update: Karthick argues with Mallika

Sundari 12th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Lakshmi fearing that father may reveal the truth to Selvi. She doesn’t know that father know the truth. What if father blabbered the truth to Selvi? They will decide to reveal the truth Murugan. what will be Murugan’s decision. Karthick is the reason for everything. She is keeping quiet for Karthick baby. Murugan asks her what’s bothering her? She lies to him that she was worrying about father. Murugan assures her that nothing will happen to him. Meanwhile, Sundari calls Lakshmi. She shares with her that she isn’t able to see Selvi struggling like that. She wishes to confess the truth to her. Lakshmi says to her that situation isn’t favour to them so don’t create any new issues. She pleads with her to don’t blabber the truth to her. Murugan snatched the phone from her. Sundari mistakenly says to him that she will reveal to Selvi that Uncle is alright. Murugan says that she is right. He asks her to say like that to Selvi. Or else she will stress herself more. Murugan disconnects the call.

Servant Shehar meets Karthick’s father. He tells him that he wants to share something important to him. He doesn’t know whether he is right or wrong? He isn’t worth enough to advise him. He asks the servant to spit it out. He says to Karthick’s father that Selvi misunderstood that he was sick and doing Pariharam for him in temple. It’s hurting him to see her in such state. He would have take it easy if she doing Pariharam when he was sick. He says to Sehar that he is able to understand the situation. He isn’t able to see his wife struggling like that. Though he was keeping quiet for Sundari’s sake. She is a good person. She won’t think anything bad for others. He might do this for her. He has no option then hiding the truth from Selvi. Sehar asks him think once again. He clears to him that Karthick might pay for his deeds.

He is not going to forgive him. He knows well how to punish him. Selvi comes there and inquires about his health. He assures her that he is doing better. Krishna informs him that Murugan is on the way. He says to Krishna that he won’t reveal anything to him. Everyone is thinking that this old man is not able to do anything. But he will deal this matter in his own style. Meanwhile, Sundari stops Sehar. She pleads with him to don’t reveal any truth to Murugan for her sake. She doesn’t have any intention to hurt Selvi. Even she isn’t able to see her doing Pariharam like that. Her situation forcing her to stay silent here. She heard his conversation with uncle. That is why she said it to him. Sehar tells her that he won’t poke his head in their family matters. He doesn’t have rights to poke his head in their matters and leave from there.

Later, Krishna informs everything to Malini. He asks her what’s bothering her? She tells him that she was thinking about Selvi. She is bearing so much alone. Everything is Karthick’s mistake. Krishna says to her that they were forced to stay quiet in his matter. She shares with him that Selvi already learnt the truth. Now she misunderstands that Uncle isn’t well. What if something happen to her in shock. Karthick keeps calling him. Malini asks him to attend the call. Krishna complaints to her that he was already stressed out because of him. Krishna gets angry on her for advising him to attend the call. Malini complaints that he changed after the marriage and disconnects the call. Meanwhile, Karthick gets nervous when Krishna failed to attend his call. Mallika noticed him blabbering in tension. Mallika questions him how could he ask Anu to give surety to his money? Karthick and Mallika gets into an argument over this issue. Karthick isn’t giving heed to Mallika’s words. Mallika demands him to escape from the money but leave her daughter Anu. Karthik clears to her that he loves Anu. She is important to him than anyone. Karthick asks Mallika to leave from Anu’s life she will be alright. She will lead a happy life with her

Episode end