Sundari 13th September 2022 Written Update: Murugan grows suspicious

Sundari 13th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Anu serving food to Karthick. She inquires him Is he roamed around the village? He asks her doesn’t she know his state? He wasn’t free to roam around there. Anu complaints that he was free before Sundari got hurt. She inquires him Is he meet his parents? He stays silent there. Anu shares with him that she felt happy seeing Murugan family. She craves to meet Karthick family members too. Karthick assured her that he will take her to his house after she gave birth to her child. Anu tells him that Sundari’s mother-in-law asked her to inform her if she wish to eat anything special. If Her mother-in-law asked this to her then she would have felt happy. She demands him to take her to his family. Karthick denied it reasoning she is pregnant now. She shouldn’t travel in this time. Lets meet them after her delivery. She glares at him. He inquires her Is she eat anything?
She nods to him.

Subbu comes there and greets Karthick. He glares at him. Anu question him Is he finished his work? Subbu shares with her that bind had starting trouble. He repaired it. Karthick inquired him where is his phone? He says to him that he lost it somewhere else. Anu tells him that Murugan gave the phone to Mallika misunderstanding it as Karthick’s phone. She asked him to collect it from Mallika and leaves. Karthik glares at him and leaves. Subbu doubts what happened to him? Why is he glaring at him unnecessary?

Later, Mallika checking Subbu’s phone. She thinks that he put password to everything. He is a fraud. Subbu comes there to meet her. She inquired him what’s he doing here? He lies to him that he came here to meet Karthick Sir. She demands him to unlock his phone. He hesitated to reveal his password to her. She threatened him to say the password. He mentions I Love you to her. Mallika slaps him in anger. He clears with her that he said the password.

Mallika checks his phone and questions him Why does he called Karthick thse many time? He lies to him that he called him to discuss about officials matters. Mallika questions him when he he start giving work from home? Subbu take his phone and leaves. Later, Nila inquired Sundari about her health? She assured her that nothing happened to her. Nila shares with her that she is already don’t have mom and considering Sundari as her mom. She asks her to don’t leave anywhere leaving her alone. Sundari assured her. Janaki asks her to stop talking like this. Murugan asks Sundari to talks with Kartick.

Anu reminds about Malini’s words. She gets frustrated thinking Karthick carried Sundari to hospital. She demands him to carry her. He asks her to stop playing with him. Sundari calls him so he drops her down. She complaints to him that he carried Sundari to hospital but not carrying her for at least 5 minutes. He carried her in hands and spends time with her. Later Valli advises to Sundari but she didn’t give heed to her. Valli shares with her mother-in-law about her suspicion. Sundari overheard Murugan’s conversation with Lakshmi.

Episode end