Sundari 14th November 2022 Written Update: Sundari is in a tight spot

Sundari 14th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Lakshmi returning to home. Selvi gets emotional seeing her. She shares with her that she isn’t able to see her dad in such state. She was praying to God for him but she isn’t showing mercy to her. Lakshmi tells her that he was doing better now.
Selvi says that if he is doing better why did he called her to come here? Murugan checks him. He assured to Murugan that he was doing better. Uncle inquires him about Karthick. Murugan says to her that he will reach here asap. Selvi complaints that Karthick doesn’t have enough time to visit his father. He was busy with his work and family. Murugan shares with her that his family members are here right? Selvi says that she doesn’t know who is his real family? Selvi complaints that she won’t say it from his mouth. Sundari asks her to stop it. Murugan says to her that she was the one used to support him but she is scolding him now.

Her husband says that she was disappointed with Kartick. Even after he learnt about his health Karthick didn’t pay a visit. It’s normal between a mom and son. She will supports him when he is in trouble. Selvi complaints that she won’t support him when he commit mistakes. She isn’t a mahan to forgive him and supports him in everything. She is angry on him. Lakshmi stops her and says to Murugan that she was angry on Kartick for not came to meet his father. Sundari lies to Murugan that he mentioned to her he will reach after one day. Selvi asks her how he will come here? According to him his work, Colleague is important. She about to mention Anu name but Sundari stops her.

Murugan says to her that our family is important to him than everything. He got busy with his office schedules. He assures her that he will come here if we make a call to him. Selvi complaints to him that he won’t come here. He doesn’t care about them. He is showing his attitude them. He is thinking that no one will question his acts. She lashes out at Karthick. Murugan says to her that he feels like something is bothering Selvi. Sundari denied it reasoning she was angry on Karthick. He didn’t come to meet dad. She was angry on him for that. Lakshmi thinks that how much Sundari will lie to save Karthick? She regrets for performed Sundari’s marriage with Karthick and ruined her life. Murugan asks her does she bothered about that? Everyone nods with him. Selvi walks away from there in anger. Sundari asks Murugan doesn’t it hurt him if Malini do like that to him? Murugan nods with him.

Later, Karthick noticed Anu lost in her thoughts. He asks her what’s bothering her? Doesn’t every problems solved? Anu asks him why he is thinking like that? She was thinking about his business. If he start his business then he won’t think about her? He will start concentrate on his business and forget to take her out. Kartick says that he didn’t even start his business. Let’s plan about how to initiative the amount. Anu is adamant in her decision. Karthik suggests her to vacate this house and take a small house for rent. He will start working and spend time with her in home. Anu pretending like scolding him. She asks him to take her to a long trip. She wants to feel relieved. She feels suffocating here. Karthick says to her it’s not good to travel due to her pregnancy time. Anu pleads with him. He assured to take her out.

Krishna asks Sundari why she is thinking about something? Sundari tells him that everything is going out of her hand. She hesitated to lie once. But she is lying casually to everyone to maintain the peace. She is feeling guilty for it. Krishna tells her that Krishna wants to feel guilty about it. Meanwhile, Lakshmi asks her Doesn’t she talk with Sudhu? He informed them about Kodaikanal trip. Sundari asks her how she will leave from here leaving them in this state? Lakshmi demands her to concentrate on her carrier. She asks her to stop sacrificing her life for others. Lakshmi manages the situation in front of Murugan. Later, Ghilli informs Suresh that Sundari and Krishna reached to village. He is determined to kill them.

Episode end