Sundari 15th November 2022 Written Update: Sundari hides the truth from Murugan

Sundari 15th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sehar is struggling to carry the sack. Karthick’s father noticed him struggling and inquire him what happened to him? Sehar informs him that his shoulder is paining from last two days. He helps him to carry the sack. Murugan noticed it and inquire him why he is allowing uncle to work? He was sick how could he let him allow work? Murugan inquires him what’s going on here? He shares with him that Sehar shoulders is paining. That’s why he helped him. Murugan asks him doesn’t everyone rushed here to meet him? He might take rest instead of doing such works. Uncle leaves from there in silent. Murugan thinks that everyone came here to take care of uncle but he was working here without caring about his health. Does he really sick or pretending to be? He wishes to question Sehar about it? He questioned Sehar about it? He says to Murugan that the doctor asked him to don’t reveal any shocking news to him. He asks him to take rest on time. Murugan asks him why he is pretending to be sick? Sehar denied it. Murugan says to him that he is lying. If he say the truth bring the medicine. Sundari gets shock to hear it.

Sundari fears that Sehar will blabber everything to him. She wishes to solve this issue by giving medicine to him. Sundari asks Murugan why he is questioning Sehar like that? He doesn’t know anything about medicine. She shows the medicine box to him. She lies to him that Sehar giving medicine to him from this box. She complaints that he was sweating badly because of his approach. She adds that Murugan questioning him in a threatening way. Murugan thinks that something is fishy. Sundari asks Sehar to give medicine to him. Sundari thinks that Murugan starts doubting the situation. She wishes to do something to stop him learning the truth. She thinks that she wants to lie to him but he shouldn’t get suspicious. Sundari gets an idea. Later, Murugan thinks that he is hiding something from him. What’s the need to pretend like sick. Sundari comes there to talk with him. She shares to him that she wanted to talk with him.

Sundari tells him that she doubts that uncle is not sick. He is pretending to be sick. Murugan tells her that he thought the same. She brings the same topic here. Sundari shares with him that he would have missed Selvi. That is why he lied to her to bring her back. Doesn’t Selvi stayed with them leaving him alone. Murugan surprised to hear it. He would have feel uncomfortable to share the truth to them. That’s why he pretended to be sick. Murugan says that he never thought about it. He never see them alone. Murugan tells her that she is right he would have missed Selvi a lot. That is why he pretended to be sick to bring her back. He adds that they shouldn’t have allowed her to stay in home for many days. Sundari feels relieved after he believed it.

Meanwhile, Anu is packing her luggage. She finds the new born baby cloth. She remembered her cute moments with Sundari. She gets emotional when she gifted clothes for her baby. She shares it to Karthick. He thinks that he planned in many way to separate Anu from Sundari. But nothing is worked out in their matter. Later, Selvi shares with Lakshmi that she wants to do Pariharam for her husband. Lakshmi asks her to think twice before taking a decision. She might consider about her health condition. Murugan advise her to don’t do this Pariharam. Selvi is adamant in her decision. Murugan thinks how will he stop Selvi? Sundari fears that Murugan didn’t believed her lie.

Episode end