Sundari 15th September 2022 Written Update: Murugan requests Sidharth

Sundari 15th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Valli shares with Lakshmi that Sundari is not giving grand child yet. At least Malini wants to give a grand child to her asap. Murugan tells her that Sundari is not a machine to deliver baby on time. She shouldn’t trouble her like that. Whenever she see her Valli bring this matter to her. What’s the need to give grand child within one year. As a woman she might understand her situation. He was controlling himself a lot not to say anything to her. But she crossed her limit today. Sundari is in this position after crossed mant hurdles. She shouldn’t torture her like that. Lakshmi asks him to stop scolding her. Murugan tells her that he is not angry on her. Doesn’t he have rights to question her. Valli says that he is like her father. She won’t say anything to him but people won’t stay quiet. What will she answer to them? She leaves from there. Lakshmi asks him why is he talking like that to her? He shares with her that they were aware of Sundari’s state but not her. That’s why she talking like that. Sundari already crossed the stage to become a mom. Lakshmi tells him that he shouldn’t treat her like that. Later, Murugan apologized to Valli for behaving harsh with her. He tells her that he got angry on her when she complained about Sundari.

Valli is his sister. He is considering her as his own sister. That’s why he talked to her straight without hiding anything. Valli shares with him that she never take him wrong. He was the one caring for her daughter more then anyone. He considered her as his friend daughter. Then his own daughter. After Malini’s marriage he was considering her as god. Valli assured to him that she won’t get angry on him. His love for her resembling through his behaviour. Later, Sundari reaches to home along with Sidharth. Murugan greets him. He inquired him about his class? Sidharth assured him that he is doing better. He asks Valli to bring coffee for Sidharth and send Sundari from there. Murugan says to Sidharth that he is aware Mani is a cop. He wants to ask his father to inquire about Anu’s husband. He seems a wrong person. He have illegal relationship with some girls. Anu’s family members are nice peoples. They helped him a lot in his hard time. He wants to do some return help to them. He adds that he can’t able to stay quiet till he find out the truth. How he will see Anu’s life getting ruined? He asks him to hide this matter from everyone. Sundari will feed bad if she learn it.

Sidharth assured to him. Murugan asks him to eat and leave. Later, Anu doubts why is she behaving like this in Sundari’s matter. Sundari is a nice person she won’t betray her. Karthik loves her a lot and left his family for her sake. How could she suspect him? It’s not suspicious but kind a possessiveness on Karthick. Mallika gives milk to Anu. She asks her mom to arrange marriage to Sundari asap. It’s the only option to solve all problems. Mallika tells her that she asked her to wait till her delivery. Anu says that she is right but Sundari’s husband was not with her in her hard times. Karthick was with her on that time. It’s important to change her destiny. Lets inform this to Murugan. He will take a good care of Sundari. Mallika says that she shouldn’t take any decisions in rush. Girls life is like mirror. They might take care of it carefully or else it will break. Anu is adamant in her decision. Mallika advised her to wait untill her delivery. Sundari needs time to prepare for her exam. Anu asks her to talk with him. Mallika assured to talk with him reasoning he is an angry person.

Sundari is searching for her Neckalce and fears where did it went? Valli inquired her what’s she searching? Sundari tells her that it’s still missing. Valli shares with her that she opened it in village. She asks her to buy new one for her. Sundari shares with her that her husband brought it for her. She can’t able give price to it. Malini inquired her what’s going on? Valli shares her problems with her. Malini consoles her. Malini gives her Jewels to her.

Episode end