Sundari 16th November 2022 Written Update: Sundari’s desperate plea

Sundari 16th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sundari noticing Murugan lost in his thoughts. She fears that Murugan didn’t believe her it seems. She thinks how she will tackle the situation. Murugan asks Sundari doesn’t she said to him uncle is fine. Sundari nods with him. Murugan complaints that Selvi going to walk in nails slipper. She isn’t listen to him. Sundari asks him why didn’t he stopped her? Sundari rushes out to stop her. Later, Murugan says to uncle that he wants to talk with him. What happened to his health? He lies to him that he wasn’t feeling good.
Murgan asks him to explain what’s actually happening to him? He hesitates to answer him. He fears that Murugan learnt Kartick’s truth. Murugan says to him that he is aware why did he lied to them. He isn’t able to stay here without Selvi. That is why he called her to come back lying to her he was sick. Uncle nods with him.

Murugan asks him to stop Selvi she is adamant to do the pariharam on temple thinking he was sick. Uncle tells him that is not able to bear that pain. Murugan informs his father-in-law that Selvi went to do Pariharam in temple. She isn’t ready to listen him. He requests him to stop her. He says to uncle that she will definitely listen to him. He requests him to reveal the truth to Selvi. What if something happen to Selvi after walked in nails slipper. He rushes out to stop her. meanwhile, Lakshmi advising Selvi to don’t do this Pariharam. But Selvi is adamant in her decision. Sundari comes there and pleads with her to stop it. Selvi says to her that she doesn’t have any other option than this. What if something happen to her husband? She won’t be alive after that. Will they get happy to see them dead? Sundari denies it. Selvi says that he wasn’t informing her what’s actually happened to him? She is here to get her answers from the god.

Sundari reveals to her that uncle is alright. They lied to her to bring her back to village. Lakshmi narrates to her everything. Selvi complaints that her husband also supporting that Karthick and betrayed her. He doesn’t hide anything from her these many years. But Karthick created misunderstanding between us. He hide the truth from her. She never expected him do like that. She wishes to confront him. She adds that she wanted to ask him whether she is important to him or his son? He reached there. Selvi lashes out at him for hide the truth from her and played with drama with her. She asks him does he lied to her whole life? He denied it. Sundari says to her that he isn’t ready to listen them but accepted after Lakshmi pleads with him.

He shares with her that he lied to her for Sundari’s sake. Sundari tells her that Anu is carrying their family heir. If Selvi throws words at her in anger it will take two lives. She adds that she asked him to hide this matter to prevent Murugan not learn the truth. If he learn the truth situation will be different. She assures them to listen them after Anu give birth to her safe. She pleads with them. Selvi gets emotional seeing her.

Episode end