Sundari 17th November 2022 Written Update: Anbu plots against Sundari

Sundari 17th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sundari pleading to Selvi and her husband to hide this truth from Murugan. She adds that she is requesting her behalf of Anu. She falls on her feet. Selvi says to god that she doesn’t know, whether to be proud to got a daughter in law like her or cry for her son betrayed her.

She is such a gem how could he betray her? Selvi assures her that she won’t reveal the truth to him. It’s not for Anu and her baby. But she is doing it for her daughter Sundari. Sundari hugs her emotionally and thank her.

Sundari assures her that she won’t stop them after Anu give birth to her baby. Later, Mallika is working in her laptop. Anu greets her. Mallika says that she looks happy. Anu says that Karthick going to start business. Mallika asks her to don’t be over confidence.

Anu asks her to don’t think negatively. She informs her that Karthick will get busy in his busines. So they planned to go out for a long trip. Mallika asks her how she will send her with him for long trip. Sundari isn’t here.

Anu asks her why she is bringing her in it? She married to Karthick. She loves him. He is her husband but Sundari is a third person. When they are going out for a trip why should she take her with them?

Mallika says that she misunderstands her. Anu adds that she turns mad. She lost her sense it seems. It’s disgusting to imagine her with their trip. She won’t forget her help but it’s too much. She leaves from thete angry.

Meanwhile, Murugan says to Krishna that after marriage they didn’t go anywhere together. He suggests them to go honeymoon there. Sundari’s camp is there. Sidharth and Sundari will attend the camp and Krishna can able to enjoy there.

Krishna agrees with him. Sundari tells him that she is going for training he shouldn’t disturb her. She will be serious there. He shouldn’t call her to go out.
Krishna says that he is challenging her that she will definitely call him to go out after she got bored. Sundari tells him let’s see who will win in this challenge.

Later, Murugan advise Sundari to take care. Lakshmi asks Krishna to take care of Malini too. Krishna nods with her. Ghilli notices them and feels relieve after confirming that Murugan is not going with them. Ghilli wishes to inform Anbu about it.

Later, Thugs asks Anbu why are they waiting here unnecessary? Anbu tells him that they got payment. He order them to stay silent. He gets a call from Ghilli. He scolds him for not called him early. He complaints that they left now. How will he inform him earlier?

Anbu adds that he won’t leave them today. Ghilli tells him that he is lucky. That is why Murugan isn’t accompany them. Anbu is determined to finish Sundari and Krishna today.

Later, Nila meets Appatha and tells her that she wanted to talk with Sundari. She got high marks in terms. She wanted to inform it to Sundari. Appatha assured her to call Sundari for her. Appatha calls her. Sundari attends the call.

Krishna advise her to don’t talk like this to her. She will feel suspicious. She isn’t aware of the truth. Sundari nods with him. She has a good conversation with Appatha. Nila complaints that she asked her to call Sundari but she was gossiping with her. Appatha gives the phone to her. Nila says to her that she is angry on her for left her alone.

Sundari adds that she went to meet her uncle. Nila informs her that she scored high marks in her terms. Sundari appreciates her. Nila demands her to bring chocolate for her.

Sundari tells her that signal is weak here she will call her later. Sundari informs her that they are on the way to Chennai. Appatha gets happy to hear it. Later, Krishna and Sundari noticed Anbu blocked their way.

Episode end