Sundari 17th September 2022 Written Update: Kumar gets conscious

Sundari 17th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Krishna inquiring to Doctor doesn’t Kumar locked inside Almira, then how was he alive yet? Doctor informs to Krishna that humans can able to survive without food for few days. He shares with him few incidents. Kumar ate his stomach full that’s why he was alive. He can able to survive few more days too. Lakshmi asks Selvi how did he locked inside the almira? Selvi says that he may he entered into it to steal something. Kumar gets conscious. He closed his eyes seeing Murugan there. He thinks it’s better to pretended like unconscious to escape from there. Later, Sundari meets Anu. She inquires Sundari does her husband returned to home or not? She shares with her not yet. Anu asks her doesn’t he escaped from mandap? How is he handling the situation? Sundari tells her that he married to two wives. It’s easy to handle this situation. Anu asks her how come she saying it with smile? Sundari shares with her that she is used to it. Sundari gives the food to Anu which gifted by her mother in law. Sundari returns her necklace to her. Anu apologize to her for rushed her to return it asap. Sundari shares with her that it’s her necklace. It’s not wrong to ask her back.

Anu shares with her that Karthick wants her to wear this necklace on his friend marriage. That’s why she asked her to return it asap. Anu adds that she never see Sundari as a third person. Karthick brought it for her specially. Sundari tells her that she can able to understand the situation. She inquired her about her baby? Anu shares with her that she is doing better. Both are discussing about baby’s gender. Anu wishes to give birth to a baby girl like Sundari or boy like Karthick. Mallika hears it and teases her. She manages to lie with her. Later, Karthick shares with Subbu that Anu gave good option to separate Sundari from Anu. She gifted her Neckalce to Sundari. If she find out she lost that Neckalce then she will finish Sundari’s chapter.

Subbu says that Sundari’s connection with Anu is strong. It’s tough to separate her from her. Kartick adds that it’s different this time. He gifted that to Anu. So, she won’t leave her. Murugan calls Karthick and informs him that Palani was searching for Kumar these many days. But he was locked inside the Almira. They admitted him at hospital. He still didn’t get conscious. If he wish to meet him come to home later. He gets frustrated to hear it. Karthik shares this matter to Subbu. Later, Anu inquires Sundari does her husband inquired about her health yet? He was not staying with her not respecting her as his wife. Then what’s the need to give respect to the nuptial chain which he tied around her neck? She wants to take care of her life. She might reveal his truth to others and make him suffer for his deeds.

She don’t need to save him everytime. Anu says to her that Sundari is wasting her time for others life. Why is she not considering about her life? She has her personal life. She shouldn’t waste her life for others? She demands her to marry again. Sundari asks her don’t bring this topic again. Mallika comes there and asks her what’s going on? Anu complaints to her that she is adamant not to listen her. Mallika tells her that it’s her life she might take decisions. We shouldn’t force her to marry again. Later, Kumar gets conscious and gets scared seeing no one around him. He fears to get caught. He feels hungry and wishes to eat something. Kumar thinks that they Will question him why did he entered into Almira? Selvi comes there taking hot tea in her hand. She scolds Kumar for tried to steal things from their home. She places hot tea on Kumar’s stomach. It burns his stomach. Meanwhile, Karthick returns to home. He hears Lakshmi discussing with Murugan that Kumar may be steal the necklace. Murugan assured to Lakshmi that he will reach a lesson to him.

Episode end