Sundari 18th January 2023 Written Update: Sundari spends quality time with her family

Sundari 18th January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Karthick breaking things in anger. Anu gets shocked to see his change. Anu tries to talk with him but he ignores her. She asks him why he is getting angry at her for unnecessary things. Kartick asks her to stop troubling him. Anu tells him that she doesn’t have any intention of treating him badly. She doesn’t consider him as her driver. She couldn’t see others treating him badly. She wanted to treat him like a king. He got angry yesterday and controlled it later. But she didn’t expect this from him today. She says to him that she doesn’t like him being close with others. She isn’t asking him to be her mom’s slave. She asks him to stay with her. She is forcing him to stay there because she fears to lose him. She arranged money for him to do his business. He wants to repay it. She won’t poke her head into this matter anymore. She adds that she couldn’t see Sundari’s family treating him badly.

She says to Karthick that she took him to Kodaikanal to spend quality time with him. But Sundari ruined that plan too. She isn’t able to come out of it yet. Anu tells him that she suspects his love for her. She knows well that he loves her and won’t leave her. She gives permission to him to go out. Later, Karthick is driving his car. He changed his clothes inside the car. Appatha stops Karthick and inquires him where he was last night. He lies to her that he went out in the morning. Appatha says to him that she didn’t notice him there. He tells her that he went out early in the morning. Appatha complained that she woke up in the early morning. She didn’t notice him. Lakshmi comes there and tells her that she sent him out. Appatha says to him she was awake. Lakshmi lies to her that she slept. She even snored in her sleep. Appatha refused to accept this reasoning. She was reading the newspaper in the hall. Lakshmi asks her to leave this matter. Meanwhile, Shankar inquires Kartick where he went yesterday? He lies to him that he went out in the early morning. Shankar demands Karthick, don’t dare to step out of this house until the Pongal celebration is over. He crossed his limits and did many sins. They won’t allow him to hurt Sundari anymore. She is managing everyone here to protect his lies. He gives a stern warning to him and leaves.

Nila calls Janaki to play with her. Janaki complained to her that she wasn’t a kid to play with her. Nila was adamant about her decision. Janaki tells her that she wants to cook breakfast for her. Sundari comes there. Her vision got blurred. Nila notices her and calls Sundari to play with her. She blind fold Nila. Sundari asks her to catch her. Krishna and Malini join them. Nila touches Karthick. Karthick isn’t interested in playing with them. Krishna forces him to join them. Karthick touches Murugan. Karthick gets nervous seeing him there. Murugan pretends to be angry with them.

Sundari shares with them that he is trying to escape from them. They play together. Valli gets angry seeing Sundari blind with her. Valli scolds them for treating her blind. Murugan apologizes to her. He shows the clothes he purchased for them. Everyone is praising the color of sari Sundari couldn’t see the colors.

Episode ends