Sundari 18th November 2022 Written Update: Sundari prays for Murugan’s safety

Sundari 18th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Arun waiting to attack Sundari and Krishna. He is shocked to find Murugan is behind them. Sundari remembered how Murugan stopped them and alerted them that Arun planned to attack them. After he gave the punishment, Arun didn’t change. He heard from Ghilli that Arun planned to attack them. He added that Arun wants to be punished for his deeds. He might get his punishment. Later, Murugan asks Krishna to take Sundari from there. He will take care of Arun.

Sundari asks him how he will handle him alone? She is adamant about staying with him to beat Arun. Murugan demands Krishna to take Sundari from there. Krishna leaves from there. Murugan scolds Arun for trying to mess with him often. Arun asks his goons not to leave Murugan this time. Arun asks him how he dared him to try to mess with him after killing his father. Murugan says to him that he lost his senses. That is why he doesn’t understand he didn’t kill his father.

Sundari shares with Krishna that she is scared. What if something happens to Murugan? Krishna asks her not to worry about him. He is a strong person. Sundari adds that he is alone there. How would he handle everyone alone there? Krishna says that no one is a match for Murugan there.

Because he is experienced at dealing with such thugs. He will deal with them without any problems. Sundari still feels nervous. Krishna consoles her. Meanwhile, Murugan fights with the goons. He shows black and moon to Arun and his gang. Murugan’s supporters reached there. Murugan adds that he won’t change at all. He is not a human being. Arun stabs him from behind. Murugan beats him. He runs from there. His supporters hold Murugan preventing him from falling down.

Sundari says to god that after her father died, Murugan is everything to her. He did many things for her. He considers her as his own daughter. She also considered him her own father. She prays to god to save him. She adds that he had a family. Everyone will be broke if something happens to him. She prays to god to protect him from everything. She is hoping that he will return home safely. She prays to god to save him from Krishna.

As Krishna said, he wants to fight with them and return home without any scratch. She thinks that family members will be broken if something happens to them. Meanwhile, Murugan is waiting for Lakshmi at home. Lakshmi comes there and complaints to him that he didn’t pick her from home. She noticed him bleeding. She asks him what happened to him? Let’s go to the hospital.

Murugan says that he fought with goons and drove back home alone. Doesn’t he know how to go to the hospital? Lakshmi says that he shouldn’t get angry at this time. She asks him what happened? He reveals to her that Arun planned to attack Sundari and Krishna. Lakshmi asks him what happened to them? Murugan adds that he sent them safe. He won’t leave that Arun alive. He is angry because he couldn’t kill him. If he leaves him, then he won’t stop bothering them. Lakshmi asks him to stop getting angry. After he goes to jail, what will she do? Murugan asks her to stop consoling him.

Meanwhile, Ghilli inquires Arun. What happened to him? Arun tells him that he stabbed him. Ghilli mocks at him for not killing him. Arun adds that he stabbed him with a poison-applied sword. He won’t survive. Ghilli adds that he will die, it seems. Let’s escape from here. Arun is adamant not to leave there. Ghilli advises him to hide somewhere or else the police will arrest him. Let’s confirm whether Murugan is alive or not? He agreed to leave from there. He decided to go to Kodaikanal. Later, Sundari fears the worst.

Episode end