Sundari 19th August 2022 Written Update: Murugan prays for Sundari

Sundari 19th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Arun’s mom holds Murugan’s feet to leave her son. She pleads with him to don’t kill him she only has one son. She already lost her husband she can’t able lose her son too. She pleads with him to show mercy to her. She tells him that she will kill herself if something happen to her son. Murugan changes his mind for her sake. She thank him for his concern on them. Murugan warns Arun if something happen to his daughter then he won’t show mercy to him. Arun’s mom asks Arun why did he betrayed them? Doesn’t she advised him to don’t poke his head in their matters?

Later Valli cries thinking about Sundari’s state. She says to Karthick that she doesn’t know whether they are living happy or not? Whenever she asked Sundari about her life she used to convince her. Sundari leading a happy life. Valli pleads him to accept Sundari and live happily with her. If they have any misunderstanding between each other also please forgive her and accept her back. She asks him to support her and holds her hand tighter. She adds that Karthick is everything to Sundari so don’t leave her. She demands him to answer her. Nurse asks them to don’t shout like this in front of ICU. Karthick takes her from there.

Lakshmi do Pariharam for Sundari’s health. Murugan says to God that he never fails to worship him. He is ready to sacrifice anything for Sundari. She is not only important person to him but also favourite to village people. If something happen to her whole family will be devasted. No one will be alive if something happen to her. Lakshmi says to god Sundari’s father saved her husband from danger. Today Sundari risked herself to save Malini’s life. She pleads god to save her daughter. Lakshmi asks Murugan Will sundari come back to live? Nothing will happen to her right? He assures to her that she will come back to them. meanwhile Appatha is in temple. Priest consoles Appatha and assures her that she will come back. Sundari is god’s child nothing will happen to her. Priest excuses her. Appatha mix poison in dheertham.

Appatha says to god that she is facing challenges only from her birth. She never complaint to god when she lived with her husband, daughter in law and grand daughter too. She only prays god to give confidence to face all but she don’t have courage to face this situation now. She never fails to worship her in any situation but she pushed her into this state now. She is facing worst situation in her life. Doesn’t she lost her son in front of her. Now her grand daughter fighting for her life. How will she see her grand daughter die in front of her. She wanna win this time. She don’t wanna see her death. If she need anyone’s life then take her life instead of Sundari. She adds that she is enough old to die. She doesn’t have dream at all. She is ready to go with God but Sundari is carrying many dreams to fulfill. She wanna lead a happy life. She pleads god to return her grand daughter to her and take her life instead. She will definitely sacrifice her life after Sundari opens her eyes. She promised to god.

Malini worries for Sundari. She can’t able to control her tears seeing her state. Sundari gets fix out of the blue. Malini calls doctor for help. Doctor rushed near Sundari to check her. Nurse stops Malini from entering into ICU.

Episode end