Sundari 19th December 2022 Written Update: Anu grows suspicious

Sundari 19th December 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Lakshmi praying for Murugan. Sundari asks her to leave from there. Lakshmi stays adamant to meet Murugan. She stares him through the glass door. She says to him that she won’t believe this lie. Everyone are accusing him as murderer. He shouldn’t have killed Palani. He overheard her conversation with Palani. That’s why he left to meet him. How he will kill Palani? He helped him to reach that location. He isn’t a mercy less person to kill him. Lakshmi says that she knew well whom killed Palani. Sundari stares her in confusion. Lakshmi tells her that she learnt the truth about Anu. She heard the truth from others. Sundari asks her to stop crying. Lakshmi complaints that he went inside to save someone else. She isn’t able to see him behind the bars. Sundari consoles Lakshmi and takes her from there.

Janaki gets shocked to see Murugan news in the front page. She fears to get caught. She tears the page seeing Appatha. Appatha asks her what’s she doing? Janaki tells her that she got busy in household works. She couldn’t read the newspaper. Appatha takes the newspaper from her. Appatha asks Janaki where is the front page? Janaki lies to her that coffee spilled on the newspaper so she tore it. Appatha complaints that she is an uneducated fellow. Only important news will publish in the front page. She wasted it. Appatha says that she wants to read that front page. Janaki asks her to read the remaining news. Appatha says that ironing shop guy buying newspaper daily. She will read there. Janaki fears to get caught. She thinks that Sundari asked her to stop her at any cost.

Selvi’s husband notices the news about Murugan and informs Selvi about it. Selvi says that he won’t kill anyone. She calls Lakshmi to learn the truth but she isn’t attending the call. He asks her to call Karthick. Karthick attends the call. His father demands him to say what’s going on? Karthick tells him that he is working on it to bring him out. Selvi demands him to take him out reasoning Murugan won’t kill anyone. Kartick says that he didn’t kill anyone. His father says that he did a sin to Sundari. That is why our family struggling like this. Karthick tells him that Arun kidnapped Anu mistaking her as Sundari. In that situation unexpectedly Palani shot dead. Selvi demands him to take Murugan out in bail at any cost or else she won’t forgive him. His father warns hm to cut all his ties with him.

Kumar meets the inspector and informs him that he wants to meet his brother once. Inspector inquires him who is his brother? Kumar tells him that Palani was his brother. They kept his body with them. He wants to do the final rituals to him. Inspector gets angry hearing it and demands him to leave from there. Kumar pleads with him to give permission to meet him. Inspector lashed out at him. Later, Anu searches for Karthick in home. Mallika lies to her that he went to meet his client for important work. Anu asks her to stop lying to her. He would have went to meet his parents in village. His parents is important to him than her. She even doubts whether he loves her or not? Mallika asks her to stop confusing herself. She consoles her. Later, Lakshmi shares her grief with Malini. Krishna consoles her. Lakshmi is adamant to take Murugan out in bail. She asks them to send Anu to jail reasoning she shot him. She asks Karthick to go to jail behalf of Anu.

Episode end