Sundari 19th January 2023 Written Update: Mallika hides the truth from Anu

Sundari 19th January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sundari checking the Pongal gifts. Her vision is blurred. Lakshmi says to Malini that she spent hours choosing Sarie for them. Murugan tells her that she is trying to take the credits. Krishna selected this for her. Malini praised Krishna’s selections. She says to Murugan that she liked the golden colour sarie. Murugan tells her he selected it for Anu. Krishna says to her that he selected a beautiful sarie for her. Malini praises it and shows it to Sundari. She couldn’t recognise the colour and mentioned a random colour name. Everyone gets emotional seeing it. They didn’t disappoint Sundari there. Valli cries in silence seeing her state. Meanwhile, Anu is waiting for Karthick at home. Mallika asks her what happened? She informs her that Karthick went out for business purposes. He hadn’t returned home yet. That’s why she is waiting for him. She asks her if he called her? Mallika usually tells her things. Anu calls Karthick and inquires him when he will return home? He lies to her that his car was a puncher. He is waiting for a mechanic. Anu demands him to talk with her until a mechanic comes. Karthick had no other option than talking with her. He lies to her and disconnects the call.

Sundari thinks that everyone is wasting their time here. No one seems in the mood to go to bed. Anu has already started calling Karthick. Sundari says to them, let’s go to bed. Tomorrow is Pongal. It’s Thala Pongal to Malini and Krishna. They want to wake up early to celebrate it. Sundari asks Karthick to take a rest. Appatha cracks jokes there. Malini complaints that she is always teasing Krishna. Appatha comments that she is supporting Krishna out of the blue. Malini tells her that she is cracking old jokes. She doesn’t understand the meaning of it. If she understands it little, then she will join with them to tease him. Krishna says that he misunderstood that she was supporting him. It was his mistake. He shouldn’t have trusted her.

Appatha whispers to Valli that Sundari is ordering them to sleep asap to spend time with her husband. Both are discussing it. Sundari again asks them to go to bed. Meanwhile, Karthick calls Anu and talks with her. Sundari hears their conversation and drifts into sleep. Karthick thinks that he is lucky to have Sundari in his life. But Anu is in his heart. He loved her. Sundari is a good person but he is not able to share his life with her.

Later, Krishna gifts a necklace to Malini. She praises the look of it. Krishna tells her that he saw this model in the newspaper. He thought it would look good on her. So, he asked them to design it for her. Malini complaints that he didn’t buy it for her. It looked good on that model. Krishna asks Appatha to save him from Malini. Appatha manages to lie with her. Lakshmi says that Krishna escaped today. Later, family members are celebrating the Pongal. Murugan asks Karthick. Didn’t he buy any gifts for Sundari? Sundari tells him that Malini is celebrating her Thala Pongal. Karthick tells him that he brought a gift for Sundari. Everyone is happy to see it. He makes her wear a gold chain. Sundari thinks it’s a duplicate one. He tells her it’s original. Meanwhile, Anu searches for Karthick. Mallika lies to her that he returned home at night. She sent him out to buy Pongal things. She calls Karthick to inform him that Anu is searching for him.

Episode end