Sundari 19th November 2022 Written Update: Sundari grows suspicious

Sundari 19th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sundari asking Krishna. Did Murugan return home? He hadn’t called her yet. Krishna assures her that he will return home. He may be thinking not to disturb her. Sundari adds that she is not able to sit quietly. She is quite nervous thinking about Murugan. Sundari tells him she will call Lakshmi to inquire about him. Krishna asks her to do it. She calls Lakshmi and inquires her about Murugan. She tells her that he has returned home. She asks her to give him his phone. Lakshmi tells her that he was sleeping and tired. He said that his head was aching. Sundari doubts how he could sleep in such a situation? Sundari fears that Lakshmi is lying to her. Sundari asks her to make a video call to her. Lakshmi controls her tears and calls her. Sundari gets relief to see him sleeping. Lakshmi asks her to stop worrying about them. She advised her to concentrate on her training. Sundari nods to her. Lakshmi cries her heart out after the call disconnects the call.

Mallika gives a traditional medicine to Anu. She makes faces to take it. Mallika says that it’s good for pregnant women. She advises her to drink it without making faces. She assures her that it won’t harm her. Anu tastes it and appreciates it. Meanwhile, Karthick comes there. Mallika glares at him. Anu inquires him where he is going? He hesitated to answer her. He lies to her that he is going out related to business. He wanted to meet some people to instigate his idea. He adds that he is nervous thinking about it. Anu asks him, doesn’t he have enough experience of handling business? Karthick adds that he did business with his own money. But she gave money to him this time. So it’s his duty to take every step carefully. He kiss her and leaves.

Sundari asks Malini. Hasn’t she packed her luggage yet? Malini says that she didn’t expect this trip, so she packed everything in a rush. Krishna asks her why she is still worrying about Murugan? Malini asks him what happened to Murugan? Sundari says that nothing happened to him. She missed him. That is why she inquired Lakshmi about him? She said that he was sleeping. Malini adds that he won’t sleep in the daytime. Sundari tells her that she doubts the same. She made a video call to confirm it. She asks her to give water to them. Sundari questions him why he is blabbering about it? They are going to honeymoon after so many days. Don’t spoil her mood by bringing up Arun’s topic. Krishna adds that he spilled the beans. Sundari advises him to keep it a secret.

Janaki comes there and teases Krishna about going on honeymoon. Appatha comes there packing her luggage. She says to her that she will accompany her to Kodaikanal for training. Janaki says that Sidhu is there to take care of her. Appatha complaints that he will go to training. Even Malini and Krishna will go to roam around. Sundari will be alone there. Krishna advises her to stay at home, reasoning it’s cold there. She will fall sick. Appatha assured her that she wouldn’t fall sick until Sundari became an IAS. Janaki asks Sundari to come first in everything. Sundari assures her. Later, a priest visits Lakshmi’s house to meet Murugan. They are shocked to find Murugan in an unconscious state. The priest inquires her what happened? Lakshmi narrates the situation to him. The priest tells her that poison is mixed in his blood. That is why his body turned blue. Lakshmi asks him to help her. He assures her to help him. Lakshmi prays to god to save her husband.

Episode end