Sundari 19th September 2022 Written Update: Karthick supports Kumar

Sundari 19th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Murugan saying to Karthick that he won’t leave him when he gains consciousness again. He wants to find out whether Kumar did this alone or not? Kartick assured us to take care of this matter. Meanwhile, Sundari serves Anu. Anu asks her to stop serving her a lot. She is already gaining weight. Sundari shares with her that it’s normal to gain weight in the pregnancy period. Later, Malini phones Sundari and informs her that Kumar was stuck in their Almira for many days. He was alright. That’s why they discharged him home. Sundari shares this matter with Anu.

Mallika questions her why he went there? Anu reveals to her that he is a fraud. He used to steal things? Sundari doubts that maybe Kumar stole her necklace. But how come he knew that her necklace was inside the bag? She doubted that Karthick might have been asked him to do it. Later, Malini, waiting for Kumar, gets conscious. Karthick comes there and sits beside Kumar. He inquires Malini about his health? She shares with him that she was waiting to confront him. She will definitely make a complaint against him in the police station. Malini asks him why didn’t he return home yesterday? Doesn’t he stay in his second wife’s house? Karthick asks her to behave herself.

Sundari calls Krishna to inform him that Karthick may be asking Kumar to steal the necklace. Krishna tells him that he won’t do anything like that. Sundari adds that he is not a trustable person. She asks him to stay with Kartick. Meanwhile, Karthick pretends to have hiccups. He asks Malini to bring water for him. Karthick inquires Kumar where Neckalce is? Kumar pleads with him to release him from there. Karthick gives pressure on him to confess the truth. Kumar blabbered in fear. He shares with him that he doesn’t know where it is? He placed it on his neck and fainted. Krishna noticed that Karthick was confronting him. He alerts everyone that Kumar has been awake. Karthick demands him not mention his name to anyone. Murugan asks Kumar how he entered into Almira. Kumar stays quiet there.

Kumar shares with them that Palani send there to search for Sundari. He asked him to alert her. But Arun’s henchman chased him. He hide inside Almira to protect himself. But they locked him inside. They beats him not believing him. Sundari reminds Arun’s conversation and supports him.

Krishna asked him what’s the need to search Sundari in Mandap? Sundari was not in mandap on that day. Murugan tries to beat him. Karthick stops him and supports Kumar. He adds that Kumar doesn’t have that Neckalce with him then how could he steal it? Murugan feels that he is right and leave from there. Malini gives water to Karthick reasoning he got hiccup. Karthick noticed Sundari staring him in suspicious way. Sundari complaints to him that she is well aware Karthick asked him to steal the necklace. He asked Malini to give water to alert Kumar. Kartick denied it. Krishna shares with him that he saw him talking with him. He demands him to promise on his child but Karthick denied it. Karthick gets frustrated thinking about it. He doubts why is Sundari looking cool? He wishes to ask Anu about it? Later, Murugan thinking about Anu’s husband. Karthick about to go back but Murugan stops him. Murugan inquires Karthick about Subbu. Kartick supports Subbu and asks him to stop inquire about them.

Episode end