Sundari 1st June 2022 Written Update: Sidharth learns the truth

Sundari 1st June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Appatha feeds to Malini she asks Krishna to take food. He denies it. Malini sign him to go and eat. Karthick tries to console Krishna there. Krishna asks that she was in this state because of him. Karthick stops him and adds that if she is destined to him then he will get her. Krishna complaints that when it comes to his love he fighted for till but he is talking different in Krishna’s matter. Krishna says that he won’t get Malini. Sundari comes there and asks him to stop crying. Karthick complaints that he is crying without shame.

Sundari questions Karthick what’s love? He wanna wait to marry his lover. Instead of marrying a girl and goes behind lover after that. Karthick leaves from there angrily. Sundari adds to Krishna If he loves Malini truly she will perform his marriage with her. Later Lakshmi praises Arun in front of Appatha. Appatha shares to Lakshmi that Malini has no burnt wounds in her body then why did Arun asked clothes to cover her? Mallika says that he may asked it to prevent her from burning. Karthick demands Subbu to ask Lakshmi why did Malini went to that hut on that time?

Subbu questions him why didn’t he asked this straight to them? He denies it. Subbu asks the questions to Appatha. Lakshmi gets confused Appatha stopped her. Karthick pretends like supporting them and provoke Lakshmi to enquire Malini. Mallika doubts his intentions and asks him when will he gonna introduce his parents to her? Lakshmi fears to get caught and manages the situation there. Karthick shares to him that he will introduce them later. Subbu thinks what’s going on here? He can’t able to understand anything. Mallika glares him so he leaves from there.

Meanwhile Sundari checks the matrimony advertisement and stays silent. Sidharth enquires her what’s really going on here? Doesn’t her uncle created an big issues when did he confessed his feelings to her? He apologized to him for showed his angry on her. She wouldn’t expected something like that happened. Who is her husband? He asks her to say this if he considering him as her friend. Sundari informs to him that her family didn’t gave this advertisement she will definitely find it out after she go to Chennai. He asks her how could she sure about it? Sundari assures to him. Sidharth asks her doesn’t her husband is here? She nods to him. He asks her to show him if she don’t have any issues. Sundari takes him to her house and points Karthick to him. He says that he is Anu’s husband where is her husband?

Sundari informs to him that she is his first wife. Sundari adds that there is hide and seek game going on. Don’t ask her anything till the truth come out. Sidharth doubts what’s going on? Is Anu know it all? Later Krishna asks Karthick how is he manging the situation? Doesn’t he has fear to get caught? Karthick asks him to stop worrying about future and live in the present. Krishna advises to him to be prepared. Karthick says that destiny played this game so he will win in it. Krishna says that he stared it not destiny definitely Sundari win in it.

Episode end.