Sundari 1st November 2022 Written Update: Karthick plots against Mallika

Sundari 1st November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Anu sharing with Karthick that she isn’t able to see Mallika giving importance to Sundari than her. Karthick says to her that she isn’t her real daughter. That is why he is not giving importance to her. Maybe she liked Sundari’s character.

Anu shares with him that whatever happens in between them, she never fails to show her love and care for her. She loved her like her own daughter. Karthick asks her to take a rest. Later, he got lost in his thoughts.

Mallika comes there and asks him, is he planning something against Anu again? Kartick asks her, did he always look like a person to plot against them? Mallika nods to him. He asks her. Is she determined to trouble him? Mallika complaints that he shouldn’t have married Anu, hiding his first marriage.

He ruined two girls’lives. She won’t leave him for his deeds. He might pay for his deeds. Everything would never go as he wished. One day everything will go in favour of them. She will make him pay for his deeds. Karthick says to Mallika that he explained his situation to her though she is questioning him.

Mallika complaints that he hasn’t explained his situation to her but his mistakes. When Anu comes to know the truth, she will throw him out of her life. Karthik tells her that he doesn’t care about what others think about him. Only Anu matters to him. Mallika challenges him to rip off his gentleman’s mask asap.

Karthik tells her that he is a gentleman until someone comes in his way. Mallika complaints that he planned smartly to separate Sundari from Anu. But she won’t let him separate them.

Krishna teases Sundari for day dreaming. She says to him that she was memorizing important points. He gives colostrum to her for her health. Sundari asks Krishna to give extra colostrum for Anu reasoning she is pregnant. He tells her that nothing left.

Sundari says to him she will give it to Anu. It will be good for her health. Krishna asks her why is she always care about others than her own health. It’s her wish to drink it for him or give it to Anu. She assured to drink it. Later, Sundari gets a phone call from Mallika. She informs Sundari that Karthick tried to sell the Neckalce in jewellery shop.

Police arrested him for tried to sell the duplicate one. Anu was angry on Sundari for exchange the necklace. Actually Karthick made her believe that she exchanged it. Sundari thinks that Karthick asked Kumar to steal the necklace for this reason. she assured her to take care of this matter.

Meanwhile, Murugan shares with Lakshmi that he don’t understand why did Periaayi refused to do the pooja. He blames Anu’s husband for everything. He praised his two son-in-law for taking care of his both daughters.

Sundari asks Lakshmi why is she awake yet? Lakshmi tells her that she isn’t getting sleep. Sundari asks her what’s bothering her? She says to her that she had more than enough problems to handle. How she will sleep in this stress. She is fearing when will Murugan come to know the truth?

She doesn’t know how he will react after hear the truth. She even doubts will he forgive her or not? She didn’t hide anything from him but this truth aching her heart. Sundari asks her to stop worrying about it and go to bed. Everything is in god’s hand. We are not able to stop her game.

Later, Mallika trying to book the cab but it’s getting cancelled. She asks Venkatesh to water the plants regularly. He asks 10 minutes permission to her to celebrate his daughter birthday. Mallika gives money to him. She noticed Karthick watching her.

Karthick doubts where she is going in auto. He doesn’t care about her schedule. But he wants to plots against her. Anu asks him where is he lost? He tells her that Mallika went somewhere taking auto. He doubts where she is going in auto without taking car? Let’s leave it because it’s her personal. Anu grows suspicious

Episode end