Sundari 20th December 2022 Written Update: Karthick’s firm decision

Sundari 20th December 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Lakshmi asking Karthick why should her husband go to jail? She demands Karthick to go to jail for his wife mistake. She demands him to accept the mistake. She don’t want to see her husband being punished for someone else mistake. Sundari tries to convince her. Lakshmi breaks down in tears. Meanwhile, Mallika calls Karthick to know the situation there. Mallika informs him that Anu is adamant to meet him. Kartick says that situation is worst here. Murugan accepted that he killed Palani. But he didn’t killed him. Mallika asks him how he is. Sure about it? She complaints that he is hiding something from her. He tells her that he isn’t hiding anything. He will come back there after the situation gets better here.

Selvi and her husband visits Lakshmi. Lakshmi shares with them that Murugan went to jail for someone’s mistake. She narrates everything to them. Selvi lashes out at Karthick in anger and demands him to surrender in the police station. Karthick says that he wants to talk with Sundari in private.
Sundari asks Karthick doesn’t he trying to convince her to make Murugan accept this blame. Karthick tells her that he isn’t thinking like that. Sundari says that Murugan took the blame on him for Anu’s sake. He lied to them that he will surrender in the police station. But he is trying to convince her here. Karthick clears with her that he will definitely surrender in the police station. He loved Anu truly. He doesn’t care what others thinking about his love. According to him he didn’t married Sundari. It’s just a rope to him not Nuptial chain. He left everyone for Anu. He loves his family and giving respect to Murugan. It’s hard for him to see him struggling inside the Jail. He saved his family from worst situation. He married his sister to save their family reputation. He still thankful to him. He worries what will Anu do after he surrender in the police station.

He doesn’t know how he will share this matter to Anu. Anu isn’t able to accept she killed someone. He fears that something will happen to Anu and her baby. He hesitating to go to jail for this reason. He isn’t strong enough to see Murugan is in jail. He says that he likes Malini a lot. He is not able to see Malini struggling. Lakshmi won’t take any wrong decision. Because she wants to live for her daughter. But if something happen to Kartick then Anu and baby won’t survive. He won’t be alive after this. He requested her to take care of Anu. She shouldn’t share this truth to her.

Sundari shares with them no one need to surrender in the police station. She will definitely bring Murugan out in bail. Lakshmi says that Karthick is there to surrender. She might bring her husband out. Krishna says that Murgan already surrendered in the police station. This situation will get worst if Karthick surrender in the police station. Anu and her baby will affect in it. Lakshmi complaints that she doesn’t care about anyone. Her husband is important to her than anyone. Murugan doesn’t know the truth and took the blame for others. But they are selfish here. Lakshmi complaints that she is still loving Kartick. She doesn’t care about he betrayed her and married to Anu. Her father says that she shouldn’t blame Sundari like that. She is still standing for their family. Sundari assures her that she will take Murgan out in bail. She promise to her.

Kumar requests Sundari to help him claim Palani’s body to do the final rituals to him. He adds that Inspector not allowing him to take his body from there. She assures him to claim his body with the help of the lawyer. Later, Lawyer gives the details to the inspector and claims his body. Kumar tells him that his phone is missing in it.

Episode end