Sundari 20th September 2022 Written Update: Karthick learns the truth

Sundari 20th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Murugan requesting Karthick to inquire about Anu’s husband. Karthick shares with him that he may be talked with his friend. Murugan adds that he would have feel happy if it’s his friend. Karthick asks him why should they take risk? Mallik will find out about his background. Murugan shares with him that Mallika helped Sundari a lot so he shouldn’t stay quiet when Anu’s life is s question mark. He advised him to stop supporting his friend when he commit some mistakes. Karthick nods to him. Meanwhile, Mallika shares with Anu that she went to worship God. She prayed for her. She gifts one lemon to Anu. She asks her to keep this under her pillow which will help her to get rid of nightmare. She is getting nightmare due to stress. Anu asks her doesn’t she said she is getting nightmares due to stress then what’s the need of this lemon? Mallika shares with her that we are going to temple to worship God. It’s their faith god is with them. Mallika questions her when will Karthick return home?

Anu shares with her that he will reach late to home. Later Anu calls Karthick. He rushes to terrace to talk with her. Anu questions him when will he return to home? Karthick lied to her that he have so much pending work. Anu asks him doesn’t he promised her to take out for dinner? Karthick tells her that he will try his best to reach home asap. Karthick assured her to accept her punishment for it. He asks her does Sundari meet her? Anu nods to him. He asks her whether she asked Sundari to return her necklace? She tells her that she didn’t. He pretends like angry with her. Anu reveals to him that Sundari returned the necklace to her. He gets shocked to hear it. Selvi calls him to take food. He sends her from there.

Anu questions him whose that? Karthick lied to her that Tv is on here. Someone watching serial. He disconnects the call. Later, Sundari serving food to Murugan. He asks Sundari why did she cried for lost the necklace? He heard from Lakshmi that she returned Malini’s Neckalce to Anu. It’s not a big deal. Sundari shares with him that it’s not the matter of money but the love for her husband. Anu’s husband gifted thae Neckalce to her. She is taking care of it as prescious thing. Murugan complaints that he is not loyal to Anu. He went to Thailand enjoy with his friends. Karthick said this to him. Murugan asks her to call Karthick to take dinner with them.

Karthick reaches there and sits beside him. Murugan shares to him that Anu gifted one Neckalce to Sundari. She lost in mandap. Everyone suspecting that Kumar may be steal it. Sundari returns Malini’s necklace to Anu because both looks exactly same. Murugan apologize to him for not informing it to him earlier. Sundari tells him that he shouldn’t apologize to him. Kartick will do this for her sake. Doesn’t he gifted that to Malini. Karthick thinks that Sundari escaped from his plan smartly. He lies to Murugan that he don’t mind it. Later, Anu suspects Karthick and question him where did he went? She caught his white lie. Karthick plays an emotional drama with Anu divert her. She apologized to him for hurting him.

Episode end