Sundari 21st January 2023 Written Update: Sidharth’s timely help

Sundari 21st January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Krishna saying to Lakshmi that Anu was angry at Sundari. So, Karthick won’t take Sundari to his house. He fears that he may drop her on the road. Lakshmi is shocked to hear it. He takes her out to meet Karthick. Meanwhile, Sundari worries about her blurred vision. She remembered the way Mallika informed her that her hearing sense would help her to understand her surroundings when she couldn’t see anything. Sundari hears the auto sound and stops it. Sidharth notices her. He inquires her what happened to her? Sundari asks him to take her to the hospital. He asks her what’s going on? Sundari shares with him that she couldn’t see anything after she was discharged from the hospital. She narrates to him what happened. Sidharth is shocked to hear it. He contacts the hospital to confirm whether Mallika is on duty or not. He takes Sundari to the hospital.

Sundari inquires him where he vanished after the court hearing. He tells her that mom has fallen sick again. He stood beside her. He apologized to her for not being able to support her in her tough time. Sundari tells him that mom’s health is more important than hers. Meanwhile, Malini and Krishna are about to go out but Murugan stops them. He inquires them where they are going? Malini and Krishna are giving excuses to him. Appatha notices this and misunderstands them about going out to spend time alone.

Appatha teases Murugan. She asks him to understand youngsters’ feelings. She tells him that they are a newly wed couple. Let them spend time alone. It’s not a village to always stay inside our house. She comments that Murugan is old-fashioned, so, it’s hard for him to understand youngsters’ feelings. She mocks at him. Meanwhile, Sidharth takes Sundari to the hospital. Sidharth informs Mallika that Sundari came to meet her for consultation. The doctor recognised her. She asks her why she returned to the hospital. Doesn’t her mom take her from here forcefully? Sundari shares with her that she couldn’t see anything. The doctor tells her that she had already informed her about it. But his mom created a scene here. It’s impossible to give a guarantee in her case. She refuses to give treatment to Sundari.

Sundari apologizes to the doctor on behalf of her mom. The doctor denies it. Sidharth tells her that Valli is a village woman. She isn’t aware of the procedures. The doctor tells her that she demands them to give a guarantee for her eye sight. What if she creates more problems for the hospital if the operation isn’t successful? Sundari tells her that she can’t see anything. She fears that she will lose her 50% chance of getting her eyesight back. Sundari requests the doctor to help her. Later, Anu praises Mallika’s cooking.

Anu asks everyone not to take Sundari’s topic here. Krishna and Malini arrive there. They give a Pongal gift to them. Krishna inquires Karthick where Sundari is. He informs her that she demanded her to drop her in the temple. Krishna was disappointed with his answer. Later, Sidharth requests the doctor to show mercy to Sundari. The doctor tells him if Mallika supports us, then she will manage the situation. Mallika informs Anu about the current situation and leaves. Meanwhile, Krisna searches for Sundari in the temple. Later, Mallika reaches to the hospital.

Episode ends