Sundari 21st June 2022 Written Update: Mallika insults Karthick

Sundari 21st June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Valliyammai, she praises Nila for talking matured in young age and complaints to Sundari that she didn’t learn it. How could she talk like that infront of Murugan. Sundari tries her best to make her understand but she stops her. Valliyammai tells her that Malini is his daughter so he knows well to perform her marriage. Sundari clears to her that Malini has feelings on Krishna. Valliyammai advises her to stop poking her head in their matter. All love relationships are not ending in marriage. Sundari advises to her that she won’t create any problems.

Later Karthick meets Krishna in park. He asks him why didn’t he shared anything with him? Doesn’t he met Sundari after he married to her? Then why did he hiding this from him. Murugan shared to him whatever happened in village? He shares to him that Malini has feelings on him. Krishna tells her he is helpless in this matter. Karthick asks him to take Sundari’s help to change Malini’s mind and marry her. Murugan will get angry on them first and forgive them later.

Valliyammai gives tea to Sundari and asks her doesn’t she has class? Sundari informs to her that only exams left for her. Valliyammai enquires her about Sidhu. She shares to her that he will come to visit her often. Valli asks her to take her to office she wanna see her sitting in her CEO chair. Sundari assures her that she will take her tomorrow. Later Karthick asks Subbu Is result came? Subbu informs to him that he arrived early to check it.

Karthick demands him to bring sweet to house after the result come. Karthick shares to him that he will give money later. Subbu thinks that he failed to inform him that tender got because of Sundari. Anu asks Karthick to share the reason behind his happiness. He tells her that he coated some amount and got that tender that’s why. Anu asks him then why did Sundari said she coated that amount. Karthick tells her he has no idea about it. Anu demands Sundari to visit home.

Sundari asks Subbu to bring sweets to Anu’s house after the results come. He thinks that Karthick unaware that they got this tender because of Sundari. She does not know he is unaware of it. He thinks that something will definitely happen there. Later Anu shared to Mallika that Karthick whom coated that tender not Sundari. Mallika teases that Karthick won’t win that. Anu shares to his mom that she is always insulting her husband. After he win this tender she will know his value. Mallika thinks that she cares for Karthick unaware of his true intention. Later Arun friends praises him for win in his plan.

Palani and his friend comes to meet Arun. Palani pretends like loyal to him and shares about Krishna’s matter to him. Arun accepts them as his friends and ask them to be in his group that’s enough. Palani pretends like supporting him to get truth from him. Later Krishna meets Sundari and narrated to her what did Karthick said. She informs him that she sent Palani near Arun to collect information from him and leaves. Subbu informs to Karthick that they got tender. Karthick shares his happiness to Anu.

Episode end.