Sundari 21st May 2022 Written Update: Sundari is trapped

Sundari 21st May 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Karthick mixed sleeping pills in drinking water and keep it beside him. Sundari tries to sit in back seat but Appatha demands her to sit beside karthick. Sundari denies it reasoning she will vomit. Appatha is adamant in her decision not to allow Sundari to in back seat. She asks Sundari to talk with Karthick while going. Sundari denies it reasoning she is comfortable in back seat. Appatha shares to her that she wanna lay on back seat. Sundari tells her that she don’t have any problem with it.

Appatha says to her that Karthick wishes to spend time with her that’s why she send driver in bus. Sundari complaints that she is torturing her a lot. Karthick asks her to get inside asap or else they will be late to Thiruvizha. Sundari glares Karthick and get inside the car. Meanwhile in Village Thiruvizha arrangements are going on. Palani and his friend reaches to village. Palani complaints to him that first time Thiruvizha taking place without his mike set. He reminds about the past and mentions it as golden days.

Palani’s uncle calls to him and teases him for lost his old job. He adds that no one respecting him now. He disconnects the call in anger. Later one of the village head also teased him for performing this Thiruvizha without sharing anything to him. Palani scolds him in anger. He assured to his friend that he will definitely make sure one day he will become a hero of this village. This people will search for him and give respect to him. Meanwhile Sundari dislikes to travel with Karthick. Appatha asks Sundari his many hours they need to reach village? Sundari shares to her 7 hours maximum. She gets irritate to hear it and asks her to stop pretending like she is visiting chennai first time. Appatha complaints that she is feeling thirsty due to hot. Karthick gives water to her she drinks it unaware of the truth he mixed sleeping pills in it.

Karthick asks Sundari to drink water but she refuses to drink it. Appatha starts feeling dizzy she drifts into sleep. Later Mallika gives milk to Anu. She shares to her mom that she is missing Karthick which dislikes Mallika. Anu shares to her that she used to be with him that’s why she couldn’t sleep without him. Mallika shares to her that she will be changed after baby born. She shares to Mallika that Karthick is important to her then anything. She is gonna gift this baby to him. Mallika fears how will Anu face the truth.

Meanwhile Sundari coughs Karthick gives water to her to drink. Karthick gets impatient when did Sundari wasting time to drink water. Malini calls Sundari while she drink water. She enquired her when will she reach to village? Sundari assures to her that she will be there on time. Malini alerts her that Thiruvizha will start after she come to village. Unaware of Karthick intention Sundari drinks the water. Meanwhile Murugan is personally checking the arrangement of Thiruvizha. Malini and Lakshmi praises the decorations. Malini informs to Murugan that Sundari is on the way Thiruvizha will take place without any obstacle.

Episode end.