Sundari 21st November 2022 Written Update: Sundari is furious

Sundari 21st November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Lakshmi praying to God to save Murugan. She adds that Murugan is everything to their family. Don’t take him from your family. She lightens the lamp and prays to god. Later, Subbu thinks that Kartick isn’t informing him where he is taking him too. He doubts whether he is in a good mood or not? Kartick tells him that he is in a good mood today. Because he is going to Kodaikanal with Anu. Subbu asks him,” Don’t newly wed couples go there? Kartick says to him that he is going there for mind relaxation. He asks Karthick. Didn’t he inform Sundari about his trip? Karthick says to him that he is going there to inform her about this. He asks Subbu to stay in the car and goes inside. Appatha welcomes him. She asks him in sarcasm why he is giving a surprise visit home? Karthick inquires her where Sundari is? She informs him that she is packing her things to leave. He asked her if she had returned home from the village? Appatha adds that she went to meet her father. Now she is packing her things to attend the IAS training camp. He asks her where she is going? Appatha complaints that he doesn’t even know where she is going? This is how they lead a happy life. She adds that they didn’t arrange the wedding to see them living away. Kartick says that he needs time.

Karthick thinks that he doesn’t want to inform Sundari about it. He excuses her and leaves. He says to Subbu that Sundari is also going out, it seems. He doesn’t want to inform her about it. Subbu says that he is a lucky fellow. Kartick tells him that he is actually a good person. He considers Anu as his wife. Her happiness is important to him. Later, Sundari inquires Appatha who came to meet her? Appatha tells her that a Karthick cake is here. She informed him about her trip. Sundari scolds her for being informed about the trip. What’s the need to inform him about it? Appatha asks her what she did wrong? Sundari says that Kartick doesn’t even come to meet his father. Then what’s the need to disturb him?

Appatha worries about Sundari’s future. Sundari apologizes to her and says that she shouldn’t send her in this dull mood. Doesn’t she want to see her win in the training? She asks her to become an IAS. It’s her dream. Sundari nods to her. Later, Krishna and Sidharth go there. Karthick glares at him. Krishna gives a hint to Kartick about their trip. Sidharth asks him to pick him up in the morning and leaves. Karthick informs Krishna that he came here to inform everyone about his trip. Krishna says that Sundari sacrificed everything for Anu and his baby. But he only cares about Anu. He informs him that Sundari is going to IAS training in Kodaikanal.

Karthick gets shock to hear it. Karthick rushes inside to meet Sundari. Krishna asks Subbu why he is rushing inside like that? Subbu informs him that Karthick planned to go to Kodaikanal along with Anu. Krishna thinks that he is trapped. Karthick goes inside to meet Sundari and confirms with Appatha that Sundari going to Kodaikanal. Kartick comes out seeing Sundari changing her dress. Appatha asks him doesn’t he her husband? Kartick says that he is giving privacy to her. Kartick demands Sundari to don’t attend the training reasoning he is going to Kodaikanal with Anu. Sundari says that she won’t change her decision for anyone. He doesn’t have any rights to stop her. Anu calls him on the time. He disconnected the call hearing Appatha’s sound. Sundari warns Kartick to stop poking in her life. Meanwhile, The priest applies tradition medicine in Murugan’s wound.

Episode end