Sundari 22nd June 2022 Written Update: Karthick frames Sundari

Sundari 22nd June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Karthick, He shares his happiness with Anu and reveals her that he got the tender. Anu noticed Sundari there and asks her to congratulates Karthick. Sundari shares to Anu that Karthick was CEO on that time but she coated that tender amount. Karthick asks her to stop taking the credits of his hardwork. Sundari asks him whom talking credit she coated that amount reasoning she felt that amount is high.

Subbu comes there with sweets but Karthick scolds him. Sundari asks Sokku to send the tender files to her. Mallika tells her that Sundari trying to prove herself to her with evidence. Chokku tells her that tender paper was missing there. Sundari shares to Anu that she wasn’t lying. Karthick blames that Sundari taking advantage of her innocence. Sundari asks Anu doesn’t she know her from earlier will she lie to her?

Karthick frames that Sundari lying there. Sundari asks him to stop accusing her. Karthick takes extremes decision by saying he gonna swear on his unborn baby and child. Sundari stop him to swear on baby. She pleaded him to don’t do like this and lie to Anu that she done mistake. She lied to her to get a credit.

Mallika gets shock to hear her talking favor to Karthick. Anu complaints that she doesn’t know she will stoop this low to get a credit. She don’t like her CEO to lie like this. Karthick too scolds Sundari and leaves. Mallika hugs her and asks Sundari why did she lied to her? 

She is trusting that Sundari sent those tender. Sundari accepts that she done it but Karthick ready to swear on unborn baby and Anu. It’s a fake promise to he fears something will happen to them. He won’t loose anything but them. Its not a matter whom winning or not here but Anu might be safe. She already beared so many false accusation though she proved her innocence later. It’s not a matter to her.

 Mallika tells her she sacrificed a lot not stop it she will reveal all truth to Anu. Sundari adds that Anu carrying baby she might give birth to her safe. More then that she can understands the pain of upbring without father. Mallika praises her and says that she might born as her daughter in next birth.

Sundari asks her to support her decision. Later Sundari informs to Anu that she gonna resign CEO post but don’t hate her. Mallika stops Sundari and tells her she is taking decisions in rush not understanding Anu’s situation. Karthick gets happy to separate Sundari from Murugan and Anu. Later Subbu reveals to him that because of his help he didn’t lost his face in front of Anu.

Episode end.