Sundari 23rd January 2023 Written Update: Mallika gives a fitting reply to Anu

Sundari 23rd January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sundari informing Mallika that she fears to lose her eyesight. She went to meet the doctor for it. Mallika asks the doctor to arrange everything for her surgery. The doctor told her it was not possible. Didn’t they arrange everything for her surgery last time? But her mom ruined everything. She is not able to answer the management about it. Not only this hospital but also other hospitals agree to do this surgery for her. When Valli created that mess here. Someone uploaded that video to social media. It went viral. She didn’t think anyone would come forward to do this surgery for her.

Krishna and Malini are searching for Sundari in the temple. Karthick calls him but he disconnects the call. Karthick informs him that Sundari went to the hospital, taking Sidharth with her. She may have some problem with her eyesight. He will join them later. Meanwhile, Valli reaches the hospital. She fears something has happened to Sundari. Sundari’s family members are waiting to meet the doctor. Valli apologizes to the doctor for her deeds. She pleads with her to forgive her and do this surgery. The doctor complained that she realized her mistakes later. Murugan pleads with her to do this surgery for her. She is a young one. The doctor says to him that she said the same to Valli on that day. But she wasn’t on the stage to understand her words. Now everything has been out of her hands. Valli falls on her feet. The doctor tells her that she is not able to make a decision on her matter. She is not able to answer her management. Valli says to her that she is not able to see her in such a state. She asks her to save her. The doctor tells her that there is only 50% chance to get back her eye sight.

If something happens to her, then the management will blame her for it. She doesn’t want to create another problem for them. Sundari asks Valli to stop pleading for her. She doesn’t need that eyesight. If god wants to snatch her eyes, let her take them back. The doctor says to Valli that she is the soul’s reason for it. She made it difficult for her. She wants to take responsibility for her daughter’s condition. Valli cries in guilt. Later, Appatha questions Valli. Why did she do that? She made it difficult for her. Because of her, Sundari is in this state.

Doesn’t she take decisions in a rush? She was ruining her life. She isn’t creating unnecessary problems in her life. Murugan asks her to stop blaming her. Valli said that for Sundari’s safety. Appatha complained that she was the reason behind her state. Even though the doctor said to them, Valli wants to take responsibility for her state. She forced Sundari to marry, sacrificing her collector dream. She had ruined her married life already. Now she snatched her eyesight from her. Everyone was trying to console Appatha but she didn’t heed them. Appatha lashes out Sundari for supporting her mom blindly. Sundari remains silent and realises her mistake. Sundari tried to console her but she felt guilty thinking about her state. Later, Mallika narrates everything with Anu. She compared Karthick with Sundari’s family. Mallika gives a fitting reply to her and walks away from there.

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