Sundari 23rd June 2022 Written Update: Sundari challenges Karthick

Sundari 23rd June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Subbu reveals to Karthick that Sundari coated that tender. Karthick slaps him in anger for not informing him about it before. He says that he was about to swear on his unborn baby and Anu to prove himself unaware of the truth. What if something would have happen to them?

Karthick tells him that his love on Anu more important to him then the hate on Sundari. He warns him to don’t repeat it and demands him to walk back to office. Later Sokku asks Sundari why didn’t she pick up his call? Don’t be angry at him. He swears to her that he placed that tender cover in drawer. Sundari tells him that she is gonna leave from here. Sokku says to her that Sundari got tender he will talk with madam about it. Why should she leave without committing any mistakes. Sundari notices Karthick in her cabin. She laughs at him seeing him in that condition. She teases him that he got obsessed with this post. Doesn’t he stoop low to fake swear on his unborn baby and Anu for this post? She adds that he is Inhuman.

Karthick shares to Sundari that he was unaware of the truth and believed Subbu. He learnt the truth now. Sundari teases him again. Karthick asks her to leave from there. He asks her doesn’t she unqualified for this CEO seat. She won’t get job in others company she got this seat because of Anu. Sunsari says that this seat is nothing in front of her because soon she will sit on collector chair. He can’t able to push her down from that seat.

Sundari leaves from there after informs to Sokku. Later Subbu comes to meet Karthick in his cabin. Subbu shares to him that he is present CEO of this company and he was account here. He requests him to promote him as his secretary. Karthick assures to him for his happiness. Subbu asks him to settle his amount. Karthick asks him to choose either this or that? He accepts promotion. Subbu thinks that he has no idea when will he return his amount. Sokku notices this all goes to check the tender paper. He finds out the papers and wishes to prove Sundari’s innocence to Anu.

Mallika asks Sudha to bring coffee to her. Anu notices her looking dull and enquires her what’s bothering her? Mallika tells her that she will alright If she drink coffee. Sundari took her things from her cabin. Doesn’t she heard everything. Anu complaints that she didn’t dwarves that position. Let her be continue being a secretary. Mallika says it’s won’t feel good to depromoted from her position. It’s will affect her prestige problem. She explains her situation to her. Mallika adds that she worked hard for this office. Anu complaints that she is not happy with Karthick became CEO again. Doesn’t she important to her then Sundari. Mallika says that Anu is always first to her. Sundari won’t do anything like that. Later Sundari returns to home sad. Janaki confront her she shares her grief to her.

Episode end.