Sundari 23rd November 2022 Written Update: Kumar learns the truth

Sundari 23rd November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kumar noticing two people approaching him. He is shocked to see Ghilli and Arun. He hides his face with a mask. He fears getting caught. He thinks that Arun won’t leave him alive if he gets caught. Arun asks Kumar to take the car.

Kumar pretends to dump in front of him to escape. Ghilli advises Arun to get into another car. Arun tells him that it’s safer to go to this dump than a normal person. Drivers shouldn’t reveal anything about them to the police. Kumar thinks that they are not gonna leave him today.

Arun offers double payment to him. Kumar thinks it is a super offer. He assures them to go with them for money. Later, Sundari demands Malini to sit beside Krishna, reasoning they are newly wed. Malini sits beside him.

They leave from there. Meanwhile, Mallika asks Anu to be careful. She demands Kartick to drive carefully. Anu is in her 7th month. He shouldn’t drive faster in cutter. She asks Anu to be careful while travelling. Anu assures her that Karthick will take care of her well. He loves his baby more than her.

Subramani prayed to God to help him not forget anything today. He has a habit of forgetting things often. His assistant comes there to inform him that he used to worship Murugan. He takes him from there. He forgot his assistant’s name.

Kutty says that he is able to understand that he even forgot his name. He said his name was Kutty. He asks him who kept this name for him? Kutty asks him why he is inquiring about it? He says to him that customers will soon come here. He demands him to clean the room.

Kutty informs him that he had already cleaned everything yesterday itself. He even checked it. Subramanian forgets about that. Kutty informs him that he is going to eat food. He doubts whether he eats food or not? He wished to inform Kutty about buying breakfast for him.

He doubted why he had taken the phone in his hand? Murugan calls him on time. He thought that someone had called him. That is why he takes the phone. He forgot that he had taken the phone to call Kutty. He misunderstands that god Murugan calling him.

Murugan clears him that he is his friend Murugan. Lakshmi informs him that Sundari will arrive there. She asks him to take good care of her. Murugan mentions that Malini also accompanies her.

He assures him and disconnects the call. Subrahmanyam forgot who called him and who was going to stay in his restaurant.

Kumar feels happy for not her caught yet. He thinks that Arun won’t suspect him it seems. Ghilli asks Arun why he is looking dull? Arun says that he doesn’t know what happened to Murugan. He says that he would have died now. He stabbed him with poision applied knife.

Kumar gets shocked to hear it. He thinks that he was trapped. Arun says that Murgan death news only brings happiness to him. He adds that he will kill Sundari after his death. Ghilli asks him to kill Palani also. Kumar scared to hear it. He wishes to escape from there. Later, Krishna stops the car in the hotel.

Krishna says to Sidharth that Malini didn’t eat snacks during travel. She would have eaten two bucket rice in home. Sundari complaints that he is not going to celebrate his honeymoon it seems.

Malini gonna fight with him. Krishna asks her to forget everything here. Malini says that everything depends on his attitude. They leaves to drink coffee. Anu and Karthick reaches there. Sundari noticed Anu and rushes out from there.

Episode end