Sundari 23rd September 2022 Written Update: Murugan feels guilty

Sundari 23rd September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mallika gets surprised to see Anu’s wedding photo. Anu shares with her that she wants to hang it in living room. Mallika thinks that Murugan family often visiting their house. What if he find out the truth. She doesn’t know how will Anu react to the truth? Mallika shares with Anu that she will call carpenter to fix it well. Anu takes the photo from there. Later, Sundari riding her scooter. She asks Murugan how is she riding it? He praises her talent. He inquired her about her health? Sundari assured him that she is feeling better. He says to her that it seems she will become a collector asap. If she pass in the exam she wants to take posting in her village. He will build one school for her. She can able to manage both of it.

Sundari shares with him that government is there to do it. He doesn’t need to do it. Her duty is to check whether it’s maintaining well or not? Murugan adds that she might prove to everyone that she is the best collector. He will proud to be her uncle. Sundari adds that he already done manything to village people. Her position not gonna add extra image to him. While riding the bike Sundari feels dizzy. Murugan question her what happened? He makes her sit. Sundari shares with him that she is feeling dizzy. Murugan gives water to her. She faints down.

Murugan splashes water on Sundari’s face. He stops the auto and take her inside it. Murugan asks the driver to take Sundari to near by hospital. Murugan calls Karthick to inform him about Sundari’s state. Karthick doubts why is he calling him? Does he find out the necklace truth? Murugan shares with him that Sundari fainted while riding bike. He asked him to come to hospital. He assured to him. Later, Malini forcing Krishna to go back to work. Krishna refused to leave. He is adamant to stay with her in home. Malini teases him for clinging with her always. Murugan calls him and alerts about Sundari’s health condition. He inquires about her? Murugan adds that she is still unconscious. He is taking her to hospital. Krishna assured to reach there in few minutes. He shares with Malini what happened?

Malini is adamant to meet Sundari but he denied it. Later, Karthick reaches to hospital tensed. Security asked him to park his car. Karthick demands him to park it and leaves. Krishna comes there and asks him what’s the matter? Security shares with him that Karthick relatives seems admitted here. He is tensed to meet that person. May be it his wife or mom. Krishna gets surprised to hear it. He parked the car for him. Murugan says to Mallika that he will inform her when doctor share about her health condition. Mallika wishes to meet her. Murugan tells her that he will take care of her. If he needs anything he will call her. Karthick reaches there and inquire Murugan what happened to Sundari? Doctor shares with him that Sundari is alright. She got fainted due to stress.

Karthick tells her that he never saw her faint like this before? Doctor tells them that she shouldn’t get stress here after. It may affect her brain. Murugan shares with her that she is preparing to become a collector. Doctor asks him to let her pursue her dream after one year. Murugan denied it reasoning she is living for her dream only. She won’t listen to him. Doctor asks him to listen to her. Does he want to see her alive or pursue her dream. Murugan agreed to her. Krishna reached there. He shares everything to Krishna. Krishna asks him to hide this from her reasoning this will create new stress to her. Murugan thinks how he will hide this from her.

Episode end