Sundari 24th January 2023 Written Update: Sundari mocks at Karthick

Sundari 24th January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mallika informing Anu that the doctor clearly said to Valli she was responsible for Sundari’s state. Valli couldn’t accept her words. Anu asks her, doesn’t she make her understand it? Mallika tells her that she talked with her but she was adamant about her decision. Anu says that Valli created a big drama there. She was responsible for her state. Mallika advised her to stop talking like that. They are uneducated villagers. They need time to understand modern science. Anu complaints that Sundari wouldn’t have faced this situation today if Valli hadn’t created such a drama there. Mallika complaints that she doesn’t understand the lifestyle of the village people. Anu asks her to stop taking class for her. Doesn’t Karthick live in that village? Though he didn’t behave like them. Mallika gives a fitting reply to her and leaves. Anu gets furious hearing it.

Meanwhile, Lakshmi consoles Valli. She tells her that Appatha scolded her in anger. Valli asks her how she will snatch her daughter’s happiness? Murugan assures her that he will bring a doctor from a foreign country to do this surgery. Karthick nods at him. Valli asks Karthick. Will he take care of Sundari if she loses her eyesight? Murugan shares with Valli that he gave his properties to Karthick and asked him to take care of Sundari well. But he denied it. He said to him that he was earning enough to take care of Sundari. He loved her genuinely and cared for her. He places Kartick’s hand on Valli’s hand and promises her. He won’t leave Sundari in any situation. Karthick was shocked to hear it. Murugan asks him to console Sundari. Later, Malini tries to convince Appatha but she isn’t listening to her. Sundari comes there. Malini complaints to her that Appatha isn’t listening to her. Sundari asks her what’s the need to waste her tears? She is still alive. She never expected her to behave like that with Valli.

Appatha tells her that she won’t judge Valli’s love on her. She will always pray to give a better future for her. Sundari tells her that Valli didn’t give permission in fear. Didn’t she say Valli wouldn’t do anything that would harm her? Appatha complaints that she is not understanding the seriousness of this situation. Valli’s adamant nature ruined her life. She won’t give heed to their words. She is always stubborn in her decisions. She forced her to marry her and didn’t allow her to pursue her dreams. Sundari tells her that she went overboard. She shouldn’t have a second mom like that. Appatha tells her that she threw words at her in anger. Sundari complaints that she hurt Valli. Valli considers Appatha as her mother. If she scolds her, she is not able to accept it.

Sundari advises her to treat her mom well. Appatha tells her that Sundari is working hard to become a collector. She couldn’t accept that she lost her eyesight. Sundari asks her to believe her. She will definitely achieve her dreams. She will make her proud. Appatha apologizes to her for being rude to Valli. She assures her that she won’t loose her hope and support Sundari at her every step. Karthick comes there. Appatha and Malini excuse them. Karthick inquires Sundari about her eyesight? Sundari tells him that it’s still blurred. Karthick asks her not to lose her hope. When everyone fails to stand with her, she achieved everything with her confidence. He fears that she will lose her confidence. Sundari mocks at him for advising him. Sundari tells him that she isn’t a fool to believe him. She gave a fitting reply to Karthick. Karthick gets irritated when she mocks at him. Meanwhile, Anu tries to contact Karthick but his phone is unreachable. Anu confronts Mallika

Episode end