Sundari 24th November 2022 Written Update: Karthick gets caught

Sundari 24th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Karthick gets shocked to see Sundari in the hotel. Karthick stops her and inquire why she is ruining his peace always?

Krishna asks him why he is creating unnecessary scene here? He complaints that Sundari asked him to leave after she saw Anu not to create any problems. But he is accusing Sundari here.

Krishna adds that even after he learnt about Sundari’s training. He didn’t cancelled his trip. He has no rights to complain her. Karthick insults her training. Sidharth scolds him for looking down on their training. Karthick says that she is often crossing in his path.

Sundari says to him that she is bearing everything and staying quiet for the sake of Anu and her baby. But he is torturing her a lot. She has her own limit too. If he tries to stop her achieving her IAS dream. She won’t sit quiet. She will show hell to him.

Seeing Anu they leaves from there. Karthick says that he won’t let her live in peace. Anu asks him what’s the matter? Kartick lies to her that they tried to hit their car. Anu asks him to leave the matter.

Later, Ghilli informs to Arun that his stomach is upset. Biriyani is not good there. Arun tells him that driver finished two plate biriyani without any problem. He asks him how is he feeling? Kumar assures him that he is doing better.

Ghilli tells him that he resembles Kumar while eating the biriyani. Arun agrees with him. Kumar fears to get caught. Arun demands him to stop the car and give water from dicky. Kumar takes the water from the dicky.

Arun pushes him inside it and remove the mask from his face. He beats him for tried to lie with him. Kumar pleads with him to leave him. Kumar adds that he heard everything. He won’t leave him. He might stay inside the dicky.
Kumar regrets for accepting their travel.

Kutty says to Subrahmanyam that he already cleaned the room. He asks him to give the 105 room to her. Kutty tells him that guest was there already. Sundari informs him that Murugan sent them here. He doubts who is Murugan? Sundari tells him that he attend her wedding.

He took photography in her wedding. He remembered them. He asks Kutty to clean the room for them. He forget the incident the next moment. Subrahmanyam says to her that her husband looked like tall and fit on that day. But he looks like slim and short. Sundari tells him that he isn’t her husband but friend.

Subrahmanyam tells her that he saw her two years before. That is why he forgot her. Krishna asks him to give three room for them. Subrahmanyam tells her that only two room available here. They asks him to give extra one room too.

He shares with him that only two room left. Sundari asks him to stay with her. She doesn’t have any problems in it. Krishna tells him that they will be busy in attending the training. Meanwhile, Karthick and Anu arrives there. Subrahmanyam asks kuty to take Sundari from there.

Kartick asks Anu why did she booked room in this hotel? She tells him that she didn’t get any room in 5 star hotel. They planned this trip suddenly right. Kartick says that hotel looks nice. If Anu is with him it’s heaven to him.

They informs to Subrahmanyam that they already booked room in online. Kartick gets shock to see him there. He fears that he will blabber something to her. As he expected Subrahmanyam inquires about Sundari to him.

Episode end