Sundari 25th May 2022 Written Update: Swetha advises to Karthick

Sundari 25th May 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Priest giving Mudhal Mariyathai to Ashwin and his friends for helped Sundari. Murugan personally thank Swetha for helping Sundari on time. He adds that if she didn’t helped her then this Thiruvizha wouldn’t have take place. Swetha says to Karthick that some things won’t get easily but he got it. He is intentionally missing such a diamond in his life. Once he lost it he won’t get it again.

Valliyammai didn’t understand anything and ask Sundari what did she meant? Sundari lies to her that she meant about his job. Murugan asks Ashwin to stay two more days. He denies it reasoning he wanna complete one important work. Swetha takes her leave. Later Karthick send Sundari’s picture to Anu and informs her about it. Anu asks him Is Sundari looking good in all angle? He nods to her. Anu teased him for admiring her. He asks her to take medicine on time and disconnect the call. Krishna comes there and make him understand he done wrong but he didn’t give heed to him. He asks Krishna to spend time with his sister and leaves from there.

Valliyammai, Appatha are giving food to Sundari and Malini. Malini searches for Krishna and scolds him for went missing. He teases her that it’s not a city to went missing. Appatha scolds him for looking down on her village. She shares to him that Abdul Kalam said village is backbone of India. Appatha refuses to give food to him reasoning he teased her village. He pleads with them to give it. Sundari and Malini are teasing him there. Lakshmi notices Murugan lost in his thought. She asks him why is he not enjoying with them stop worrying about it. He shares to her that Thiruvizha went well today god wanna bless him to perform it well tomorrow too without any obstacles. Lakshmi assures to him that everything will be alright.

Appatha consoles him ama assures him that Sundari is here so nothing will go wrong here. She asks him to eat without worrying about anything. Later Sundari lays beside her mom. She asks her to go behind her husband or else he will be angry? Sundari denies it. She shares to Sundari that she will forget her after she go to Chennai. Malini informs to Valliyammai that Sundari whom returned her nuptial chain.

Sundari shares to her that she sold it for her education which hurts her a lot. That’s why she returned it to her when did she started earning. She is well aware that mom reminding her dad through that nuptial chain. Valliyammai shares to her that she forget her husband and mom after Sundari came to her life. She is everything to her. Today she proved that she will do anything for her mom. Sundari gets emotional. Malini advises them to stop crying and sleep. Later Siddhu stops his bike seeing Mani there. He asks Mani what’s bothering him? He shows one paper to him he gets shocked to see it.

Episode end.