Sundari 25th November 2022 Written Update: Sidharth motivates Sundari

Sundari 25th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Subrahmanyam recognized Karthick and asked him doesn’t he married to a dark girl but she looks fair now. His wedding take place there in Madurai. Anu asks Karthick why he is blabbering like that? Karthick lies to Subrahmanyam that his married took place in Chennai. Kutty says to Subrahmanyam that he is forgetting many things. Stop bothering them. Subramanian tells him that he used to forgot thinks often. Anu leaves from there. Kutty asks Subrahmanyam to stop troubling customers. Subrahmanyam says to him that he took photo in his wedding. When he married her she was dark color but she looks fair now. Kutty says that they don’t match at all. Subrahmanyam tells him that his wedding photo is with him. He will prove to him that he was right. Kutty asks him to remember where did he placed the photo first.

Later, Sundari calls Murugan and informs him that they reached safe. Murugan inquires about their journey. Sundari assures him that they were safe. She asks him about Arun. Murugan says to her nothing to worry. He was hiding somewhere in fear. He advise her to concentrate on her training instead of worrying about him. Malini complaints that he is always worrying about his elder daughter not her. Murugan tells her that he sent her there in Sundari’s responsibility. Malini says that he didn’t sent her here believing Krishna it seems. She mocks at him. Murugan tells him she is joking don’t take it serious to his heart. Krishna asks Lakshmi to advise Malini to listen him instead of arguing with him. Lakshmi advised to Malini. Kutty comes there to inform them dinner will get ready at 8.00

Kartick unpacking his things. Anu asks Karthick to order dinner to their room. Kartick says to Anu that they are here to enjoy in Kodaikanal. But she is adamant to stay in room. Anu says to him that she is pretty tired. He asks her to fresh up he will order food for them.
Karthick goes out to give the order. Meanwhile, Sundari teasing Krishna for flirting with Malini. She asks them to go and fresh up. Meanwhile, Sundari shares with Sidharth that she is scared to attend this training. She didn’t performed well in last interview. Many students are going to attend this training together. She doubts how she will perform here. Sidharth motivates her to perform well in the training. Kartick gets shocked to see Sundari and Sidharth in same hotel.

Karthick thought that Sundari staying in same hotel to ruin his peace. He decided to confront her but changed his mind later. He thinks that she will argue with him over this issue. It’s better to convince Anu and take her from here. Meanwhile, Anu feels too cold there. She finds a woolen cloth in it. She thinks that mom packed everything for her without her knowledge. Anu calls Mallika and thank her for packed the things for her. She says to Anu that Sundari asked her to pack it for her. Anu complaints to Karthick that she isn’t feeling good here. She feels like Sundari also travelling with her. She doesn’t like her taking Sundari’s name. Kartick suggests her to vacate this room and go to another hotel. She asks him to wait and see their services. Later, Sundari notices Sidharth shivering in cold. She makes him cover with the blanket. Karthick isn’t feeling sleepy. He is in dilemma whether to cancel the trip or not? He changes his mind. He thinks it’s better to ask Sundari to change the resort. Anu wakes up and tells him, her leg swelling. He helps her to massage her leg.

Episode end