Sundari 25th October 2023 Written Update: Selvi has a nightmare

Sundari 25th October 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Selvi having a nightmare. Murugan and Lakshmi ask her what happened to her? Selvi tells her that she saw Karthick. He came to meet her. Murugan tells her that she may have dreamt about him. Lakshmi says that she may have thought about him before sleeping. That is why she has a nightmare. She says that he is no more. Selvi says that she is sure that he isn’t dead yet. He will be alive somewhere. Lakshmi says that he came into her dreams. It’s not real. She gives water to her. She asks her to sleep without thinking about him. Later, Sundari learns from the commissioner that they found Gothandam. She asks him to keep a close watch on him. Tamizh says that she has a day off today. She shouldn’t talk on the phone. She asks her to spend time with her as she said. She had to help her to take a bath. Sundari asks her to take Appatha’s help her to shower. She denied it. Sundari agrees with her condition. She is surprised when Tamizh arranged everything for her. Sundari gives an oil massage to her. Krishna says to her that she seems excited today.


Krishna says to Tamizh that he is going to the shop. He has lots of customers today. Kumar is not able to handle everything alone. He has to go. Tamizh says let’s enjoy this trip together. Krishna asks her to take Malini along with her. Appatha asks them to stop wasting time and take a shower. Sundari helped Tamizh to take a shower. She gets a phone call. Sundari excuses her for attending it. Tamizh makes a prank on her. Sundari rushes back to her. Tamizh says that she shouldn’t have talked on the phone. She has to spend time with her. Malini notices Tamizh playing with Sundari. She thinks that if her baby was alive then she would have helped her to take a shower. She would have played with her. Krishna showed his love to her. Everything is ruined by Karthick. She cursed him. Later, Appatha asks them to rush up. Tamizh asks her if she knows which dress she is going to wear? She nods to her. Appatha gave her dress to Tamizh. Tamizh asks her to take a shower. She would ask Malini to do make-up for her.

Later, Selvi is lost in her thoughts. Lakshmi asks her why she didn’t eat anything? She asks her what happened to her? She says that she just dreamt about him. Selvi says that she was angry with him for real. But he is her son. She doesn’t want to see his death. He is living somewhere else. She is aware he is alive. Lakshmi says that they couldn’t find his body anywhere. But we found his suicide not. Selvi says that he is alive. Lakshmi says that if he was alive then he would have come to meet her. She is his mother. Selvi says that she cuts all his ties with her. That is why he didn’t come to see her. Lakshmi says that she is blabbering again. If he is alive, then she can meet him one day. She convinces her to eat the food. Selvi says that she wants to see her son. Lakshmi consoles her.

Lakshmi informs Murugan about it. He says that she is elderly. She shouldn’t think about him. He says that she feels lonely here. He asks her to go to Sundari’s house. If she stays with her for a few days, then she will feel relieved. Murugan says that he will take her there. Sundari asked him to visit her. He wanted to meet his brother. He wishes to meet him once. He prays for him. Meanwhile, Appatha refuses to go with Sundari, reasoning she has leg pain. Tamizh says that she will ruin their trip. Sundari asks Malini to go with her. She refuses to go with her. Appatha thinks that Malini is indirectly helping her. Malini refuses to go out. Sundari forces her to go out with her.

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