Sundari 26th October 2023 Written Update: Kaasi spying Sundari and Vetri

Sundari 26th October 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vetri saying to his mom that Akhil is happy today. She says that Sundari has arrived. Tamizh is surprised to see Akhil there. She asks Sundari if she knows Akhil is coming here? Sundari says that she knew well that Tamizh liked to play with Akhil. That is why she invited him there. Tamizh gave a kiss to her to thank her. Akhil says to Tamizh that this park has many facilities. We can play games here. Malini didn’t like it. Tamzhi says that Sundari rarely gets a day off. She won’t bring her here often. Vetri assured her that he could take her here often. Sundari takes them from there. Akhil’s grandmother asked Malini if she was alright? She lied to her. She asks her about Krishna’s supermarket? She tells her it’s going well. Meanwhile, the villagers notice Sundari there. They informed Sundari that they were happy. She made sure this area was clean. We never saw this area clean like this before. Sundari thanked them. They took a selfie with her. Tamizh and Akhil play with the Mickey mouse. Sundari says to them that she isn’t here as a collector. She came here as a parent. Kaasi notices her and thinks that she is in their place, but he can’t do anything against her.


He thinks that Rajappa stopped him from taking any action against her.
He gets a phone call from Rajappa. He asks Kaasi to meet him asap. Kaasi denied it, reasoning he was going to spy. He says that Sundari and Vetri are in their park. He is going to keep a close watch on them. Rajappa asks him why he didn’t inform him about it before. Kaasi says that he warned them not to do anything against her. Rajappa says that he knew well when and where to make a move against Sundari. If he thought like him, then he would be in his place. Kaasi says that he asked him not to do anything to her in their place. He says that Chinnaponnu invited her as a chief guest at their school. If something happens there, then it would turn against them. Now Sundari is visiting the park along with her family. If something happened to her there, then no one would doubt it. He shares a plan with him. Kaasi agrees to do it. Meanwhile, the villagers admire Sundari and Vetri’s bond. One of the girls asked if they were husband and wife. She said that his wife was dead. But they look good together.

Vetri’s mother was happy to hear it. She prays to god to unite them. Later, Tamizh asks Vetri to buy her an ice-cream. He nodded to her. Sundari asks Malini to order something. She denied it. Sundari says that she brought her out to lift her mood. She is not enjoying this trip. She ordered rose milk for her. Someone secretly recorded their video. Akhil’s grandmother excuses them. She calls Appatha to inquire about her health. She says that she is alright. She heard that she had leg pain. Appatha says that they planned to unite them. Then why did she accompany them? She says to Appatha that Sundari invited them to come here. Appatha says that she lied to her that she had leg pain to send them together. Why did she ruin their privacy? She says to Appatha that she didn’t think about it. Appatha asks her to give them privacy. She assures her that she will try something to unite them. She asks her to take Malini alone. She plans a way to send her from there.

Tamizh gets excited about getting an ice cream. She spilled the ice cream on Vetri. Sundari scolds Tamizh. Vetri says that she did it mistakenly. She helps him to clean his shirt. His mother admired their bond. Malini scolds Tamizh. Vetri asks her not to scold her. Later, Sundari plays hide and seek with the children and Vetri. His mother admires them. Kaasi keeps a close watch on them. Akhil’s grandmother excuses them. Sundari and Vetri enjoy Tamizh playing with Akhil. Vetri says that she looks happy today. Sundari says that she wasn’t happy like this. Sundari shares her happiness with Vetri.

Episode end

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