Sundari 27th May 2022 Written Update: Sidharth confront Sundari

Sundari 27th May 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Krishna, he is flirting with Malini. Sundari comes there and inform to Malini that mom was searching for her. Malini leaves from there. Sundari teases him for romancing with Malini. Krishna shares to her that she is not saying yes to him yet. He adds that he is in love with Malini. Sundari teases him for blushing like this! She asks him to share this matter to her dad. He fears it will turn out a big issue. What if Malini refuses to accept his love? Sundari shares to him that she will arrange situation favour to him. He can propose her.

Krishna thank her and shares his thought with her how to propose her. Sundari congratulates her. Arun and his friends are listening to them. His friends teased him. He plans to ruin their moments. Meanwhile Lakshmi asks Murugan to feel happy because Thiruvizha is over. Murugan adds that its still going on. Appatha asks him to feel happy and stop doubting god. Murugan shares to them still some more functions are left. He wanna make sure everything take place well.

Murugan prays god to bless them everything end well. Sundari asks Malini to go to kitchen Krishna wanna talk with her alone. Malini blushes hearing it and pretends like ask her what’s the reason? Sundari asks her to stop acting like this because she knows well what’s going between Krishna and Malini. Malini agrees to go there and demands her to accompany her. Sundari assures to her that she will join with her later. Mallika appreciates Sundari for performing everything well.

Later Malini waits for Krishna in kitchen. She thinks that Krishna is not ready to confess his love for her. He has no dare to confess his love. He is gonna propose her now because of Sundari. Arun and his friends comes there and hides behind the hut. Malini thinks how will he propose her and what should she answer to him? Arun asks his friends to confirm whether someone coming to that side or not? Meanwhile Mallika asks Lakshmi Is everything happen like this always? Lakshmi nods to her.

Sundari gets happy to meet Sidharth there. He asks her angrily what’s going on here? He didn’t expected this from her? Sidharth questions her why did she hurted him in this way? Doesn’t he proposed her in decent way? Neither he didn’t torture her nor forced her to accept his love. Though they insulted his father a lot. He shows the advertisement to her. Sundari gets shocked to see it. Sidharth asks her what’s this all? Sundari asks him whom did it? Sundari swear to him that she didn’t gave this advertisement at all.

Sidharth demands her to show her husband to him. Later Karthick reaches there along with Krishna. Krishna searches for bouquet flower seller assure to give him one asap. Karthick asks him what’s going on? Krishna manages the situation. He brought the bouquet and thank the flower seller. Malini fears to get caught and thinks why didn’t Sundari and Krishna come there? Meanwhile Arun set the fire in hut where Malini waiting. Sidharth is argue with Sundari to show her husband to him. Sundari explains to him its not the right time to say everything. Malini shouts for help seeing the fire. Sundari gets shocked to see the fire there.

Episode end..