Sundari 27th September 2022 Written Update: Karthick is anxious

Sundari 27th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sidharth sharing with Anu that we used to hate the person who betrayed us. But the love in them won’t leave. Anu assured him that she would make his marriage to Sundari. Mallika asks her not to rush things. Sidharth asks Anu not to bring about this topic now. He adds that Sundari already got hurt in her head. Lets discuss it after she gets well and Anu gives birth to a baby. Mallika takes Anu from there. Meanwhile, Malini shares with Sundari that she missed the scene. Sidharth comes there and learns from Malini that Anu almost caught Karthick. But he escaped today. She missed an amazing chance. Sidharth tells her that he doesn’t care about him. Sidharth complained to Sundari that it shouldn’t have happened if she had consulted a doctor when he asked her to meet him.

Sundari shares with him that she thought about consulting a doctor on her check-up date. He shares with her that the police took her scooty because she parked it in the wrong place. He used Mani’s power to get it back. He shares the same matter with Murugan. Sidharth inquires Sundari about Neckalce? Murugan shares with him that she fainted when they went to her house. He assured Sundari to return it to her. Sundari denied this reasoning Anu reason will misunderstand them. She will exchange it with Mallika’s help. Murugan assures her that he will manage the situation and takes Sidharth from there. Malini shares with Sundari that Karthick will be in trouble today.

Sundari calls Mallika and informs her that Murugan will visit her house in a few minutes to return the necklace to her. She requests her to exchange the necklace without Anu’s knowledge. She inquired her about Anu. She adds that Anu is still angry with Karthick after she saw him in her house. She adds that she doesn’t know how he will manage the situation. Meanwhile, Karthick returns home. He fears how he will manage Anu? He noticed her sitting in a frustrated mood. Anu tells him that she won’t ask anything from him. But can he share what’s on his mind? Karthik adds that he shouldn’t have gone to her house without informing her. Anu tells him that he is doing something wrong. That’s why he is feeling guilty.

Karthick shares with her that it’s his character. Anu complaints that it’s not his character. He hates Sundari, then why is he helping her? Karthick adds that the situation is different now. He hates her professionally, but he is helping her for Anu’s sake. Anu complaints that Sundari is her favourite person, her, not him. She doesn’t like him being close with her. Kartick asks her to stop doubting him. Anu adds that it’s not suspicious but possessiveness in him. She doesn’t like someone taking her things. She is living for him. Kartick complaints that he sacrificed many things to marry her. He left his family members to live with her. He walks away from there.

Karthick hides from seeing Murugan and Sidharth visits his home. Mallika welcomes Murugan. Sudha inquires him about Sundari. He shares with her that Sundari is feeling better now. Kartick gets frustrated seeing his wedding photo in the hall. He doubts when Anu framed it? He fears that Murugan will notice it. Murugan gives the necklace to Mallika and asks her to change it. He shares with her that she shouldn’t misunderstand it. Mallika assures him that she is not misunderstanding her at all. She is giving respect to both of their feelings. Mallika leaves to exchange the necklace.

Mallika thinks that Sundari is wasting her time solving the issues created by Karthick. Anu hates people using her things. But Kartick buys a necklace, looking exactly like Malini. Meanwhile, Sudha inquires Sidharth about his studies. Will he pass his examination? She adds that she heard Sidharth started studying after he combined studies with Sundari. He complaints that she is teasing him. Murugan joins with her to tease him. Sidharth noticed the wedding photo there. Kartick fears about getting caught. He thinks that he will definitely reveal the truth to him. Karthick prays to god to save him from Murugan. His truth shouldn’t come out while Anu is in this state. Murugan looks for Sidharth. He turns back the photo frame.

Episode end