Sundari 28th October 2023 Written Update: Rajappa’s cunning move

Sundari 28th October 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rajappa calling Vetri. He mentioned him as a collector. Vetri asks him why he is calling him? Rajappa says that he is a fool. He isn’t a fool now to react like this. He has to give the phone to the current collector now. Vetri gives the phone to Sundari and says that Rajappa is on line. Sundari asks her how he found out that she was with him. Vetri says that she slapped Kaasi now. Sundari talks with Rajappa. He makes fun of her. Sundari scolds him. Rajappa says that she sealed his restaurants, reasoning he sold the rancid food in his hotel. He asks her to seal this restaurant too. Sundari asks him what he meant? Rajappa says that she is visiting his restaurant now. How dare to make a move against him without knowing his background? He says that he added chemicals to their food. Sundari asks them not to eat the food. Rajappa says that they will faint one by one. He asks her to admit them to the hospital asap. But they won’t survive until then. Sundari notices Malini and Grandmother feeling dizzy. She informs Vetri that Rajappa added chemicals to the foods. Malini and grandmother fainted. Sundari asks them to bring the water. She has to make them vomit the food. Sundari helps them. Tamizh and Akhil cry seeing their state.


Sundari admits Malini and grandmother to the hospital. She worries about them. The nurse asks Sundari to wait outside. The doctor asks her what happened to them? Sundari explains the situation to her. The doctor assures her to handle them. Tamizh asks her what happened to them? Why did she bring them to the hospital? Meanwhile, Rajappa calls Sundari and says to her that he thought she wasn’t brilliant. But she is a fool. He thought she will save the people who made poison. But she again took them into his hand. Sundari says hin what he is meaning? He says that she is in his hospital now. Porkodi hospital. Sundari is shocked to hear it. Sundari asks him if he is playing with her? He doesn’t know anything about her. She says that he tried to make her scared. She made sure he was scared to death. He is messing up with the wrong person. She won’t leave him. Rajappa says that she can’t do anything to him. Sundari says that he has problems with her. He is playing like a coward. He won’t hurt his relatives if he is a brave person.

Rajappa says that he won’t hesitate to do anything if she tries to mess with him. Sundari says that he doesn’t know anything about her yet. He says that he won’t allow her to live until then. She just said it was a trailer. He is also saying the same. It’s just a trailer. He assures her that nothing will happen to them. Because his target is Sundari. He didn’t know about her. But she is aware of him. If she doesn’t know anything, then she can ask Vetri about it. He disconnected the phone. Vetri asks Sundari not to be tense. Can he understand what he said to her? Sundari thinks that she has to do something. Krishna comes there and asks her what happened? Sundari tells him that she fainted in the hotel. The doctor comes there. She says to Sundari that they didn’t take any poison. It seems the food preparation isn’t good. They have food poison. Nothing to worry about because they already gave first aid to them. They are able to discharge then after the IV.

Krishna checks Malini. Malini asks him what happened to her? He tells her nothing. She says that she fainted after she ate the food. She says that she has a food poison. Later, Sundari helps grandmother. She apologizes to her for her state. She was in this state because of her. Vetri says that she wasn’t wrong here. It’s our problem. We have to deal with it. Sundari says that she won’t leave Rajappa. She will lock him in the orphanage. Grandma advises her to be careful. Nothing will happen to her in this job. Sundari says that she isn’t scared. She won’t leave him. She will take a smart move to lock him. Later, Sundari asks Krishna to go back to Village, along with Malini.

Episode end

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