Sundari 2nd September 2022 Written Update: Sundari grows suspicious

Sundari 2nd September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sundari checking the wedding album of Malini. She complaints to Sundari that her wedding album is small. Sundari says that Krishna is a famous photographer, so he will take her picture often. Malini tells her that he won’t do that. Krishna asks Sundari what’s going on here? Sundari informs him that she was checking his wedding album. Sundari teases Krishna about growing a beard in love failure. Malini asks her, does he really feel like that? Sundari asks her to stop acting. Sundari inquires them when they will perform their first night? Malini shares with her that they postponed it till Sundari’s life gets better. Lakshmi overheard it.

Sundari asks them to stop wasting their lives on her. Her only aim is to become a collector. She doesn’t need another family. Malini told Sundari that she shouldn’t waste her life on Karthick. She might take decisions on her own. Sundari tells her that she will be happy when Malini and Krishna beings their life here. She demands them to do it here. Krishna and Malini assured her. After they leave, Sundari breaks out in tears. Lakshmi consoles her.

Later, Karthick’s mom arranged the first night room. She thinks Appatha would have ordered her to do everything in her wish. She asks Sundari to help her decorate the room. She shares her first night story with Sundari.

Murugan gives money to Karthick. Karthick inquired him why he was giving this amount to him? Murugan demands Karthick not go to office. He wants to stay with Sundari and take care of her. If he takes care of her, she will get well asap. He misunderstood Sundari and gave her a lot of trouble. He needs her happiness only. He requests him to stay with Sundari and take care of her. Sundari wants to lead a happy life with him. Murugan advised him to take good care of her. Krishna asks Karthick. Does Murugan learn the truth? Karthick assures him that Murugan only knew Sundari wouldn’t be able to become a mom. He keeps that only in his mind. Karthick was lost in his thoughts. Later, Sundari checks her luggage and notices Neckalce is missing. She doubted where the necklace was?

Sundari searching the necklace everywhere in room. Sundari reminds Anu asked her to keep it safe reasoning Karthick brought it for her. Sundari fears how she will face Anu? It’s costly necklace and Karthick brought it for her. She thinks that she didn’t touched that necklace at all. Karthik’s mom inquired Sundari what’s she doing here? Sundari lies to her that she was searching for her bag. Her mother in law informs to Sundari that her husband placed her luggage here. Sundari finds out that Karthick stole the Neckalce and trying to create rift between them. Later Lakshmi demands Kartick to leave Anu reasoning Murugan considering Sundari as god.

Karthik says that Anu is his child’s baby. Karthick adds that Lakshmi is also selfish in this matter reasoning she fears her husband may do something in anger. He will do anything for her Anu. Sundari holds Karthick’s collar and inquired him where is necklace? He asks her Is she lost it? Sundari asks him to stop acting. She is well aware he stole it to create rift between Anu and her. Except him no one knew about that Neckalce. All jewels are safe inside her bag except that Neckalce. He lashes out at her. Both are blaming each other. Lakshmi takes Sundari from there.

Episode end