Sundari 30th August 2022 Written Update: Mallika meets Sundari

Sundari 30th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Lakshmi advising Murugan to send Malini and her husband to Chennai. Murugan nods to her. He assures her that he will protect his son-in-law at any cost. He won’t allow Arun to touch him again. Later, Anu says to Mallika that Janaki went to meet Sundari. Any one of them might go and meet her from their side. Mallika adds that circumstances are not favour to them. Anu shares that Karthick may be taking care of Sundari for her, but she doesn’t feel good sitting at home like that. She wishes to meet her. Mallika tells her how she will go and meet her, leaving Anu alone. Anu assures her that she will take care of herself. Mallika assures her to meet Sundari and demands her not to inform Karthick about it. She nods to her.

Meanwhile, Janaki helps Sundari to practice walking. Sundari says to her that she will recover soon. She notices Sidharth there and enquires him why did he playing in mobile instead of spend time with her. Sidharth complaints to her that he came here to meet her. He shouldn’t stay here. Sundari asks him Is he still angry on her? Janaki asks him what happened to him? Sundari informs to her that after she left Sidharth and Karthick ended up in arguments. He was angry on her for not supported him. Janaki tells him that she has no idea whether she supports him or not? but she won’t support that Karthick at all. Sundari apologize to him. He stop her. Sidharth says to her that Anu didn’t came to meet her yet? Sundari asks him how will she travel in this stage? Sidharth says to her if she wish to meet her she will definitely come. Sundari says to him that Anu thinking Karthick taking care of her for Anu’s sake. She talked with her yesterday in video call so stop doubting her. Sidharth alerts her he don’t feel good.

Meanwhile, Karthick returns to home. Murugan enquires him Who is staying beside Sundari? He informs him that Janaki is with Sundari. He says to Murugan that he wanna go back to Chennai resoning, so many works are still pending. Murugan complaints that Sundari is still recovering how could he leave her in this state? Karthick says to him he already took many off. They won’t give more permission to him. Lakshmi comes there and scolds him for behaving like this. He tries his best to explain them but Murugan is adamant. He tells her that he can able to leave after Sundari get discharged. Lakshmi informs to Karthick that Sundari alredy knew that Lakshmi aware of his second marriage. She adds that Karthick may be thinking Anu as his wife but Sundari is his legal wife.

Later, Sundari and Janaki are teasing Krishna there. Sundari shares to Malini that Janaki already arranged everything for them in Chennai. They can shift to Chennai along with her. Mallika comes there to meet Sundari. She enquires about her health. Sundari says to her if she died in it at least Anu would have lead an happy life. Mallika tells her she misunderstood Anu in this matter. She won’t forgive Karthick when her truth comes out. Mallika leaves to bring fruit from her car for Sundari. Meanwhile, Karthick gets surprised seeing Mallika there. She asks him Is he decided to stay here or go back to Chennai? He assured her to leave tomorrow. Later, Malini enquires Krishna about Anu’s character. He shares to her Anu is short tempered nature. She won’t forgive the person whom lied to her? Sundari says, Karthick is her husband so she will forgive him.

Episode end