Sundari 30th May 2022 Written Update: Palani alerts Sundari

Sundari 30th May 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Palani’s friend informs to him that Arun saved Malini from fire but he was not burnt even his dress too. Something is wrong. Palani doubts what really happened? Meawhile Krishna shares his grief to god and says that he really loves Malini. If he done any mistakes just punish him don’t Malini. She adds that he fell in love with her the first sight he met her. He can’t able to see her suffering like this. He only loves Malini in his life. He adds that he will sacrifice his love for Malini but don’t punish her. Sundari comes there and assures him that Malini is alright nothing to worry. He shares his grief to her. Krishna says that he is ready to sacrifice his love but he only needs her safety. Sundari advises him to stop confusing himself. She assures to him that everything will be alright god won’t leave them. She invites him to home but he refuse to go with her reasoning he wanna sit alone.

Palani is keep thinking about the incident his friend comes there searching for him. He asks him why did he Holcomb petrol bottle? Is he take wrong decision to kill himself. Palani scolds him for imagine own things. He questions him why did he search for him in forest instead of village? Korangu provokes him against the village people. Palani scolds him for bringing the same topic again. Palani informs to his friend that fire didn’t catch accidently because he found petrol bottle near the hut. Korangu shares to him that Arun covered Malini in clothes without any wounds. Palani adds that Murugan is reason for his father’s death. Let’s inform this to Sundari she will help them in some other way.

Palani stops Sundari by calling her name. She glares him for it. Palani tells her that it’s won’t feel good to mention her as madam in village. She demands him to say the reason to stop her. She informs to him that she wanna meet Malini. Palani shares to her that hut didn’t caught fire accident but someone intentionally done it. Sundari gets shocked to hear it. Palani informs to her that he tried to save her but couldn’t because of fire. He created one separate whole to save Malini. Doesn’t Arun covered Malini with clothes when she was not hurt with fire. Why should he do like that? He asks her why did Malini went to hut? Sundari says to him its none of his business.

Sundari keeps thinking about this. Sidhu confronts Sundari. Sundari explains to him that it’s not the correct time to discuss about it. If people see them together then they will badmouth about them. She assures to him that she will share to him everything. Sidharth calls to Mani and shares everything to him. Mani advise him to don’t create any issues there. Sidharth says that he will return from here after he find out all the truth. If they punished them without committing any mistakes then he won’t leave them.

Episode end