Sundari 30th October 2023 Written Update: Sundari tries to convince Krishna

Sundari 30th October 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sundari saying to Krishna that she feels Malini will be safe in the Village. Malini felt uncomfortable without the baby. She will feel happy with Lakshmi. Krishna says that Appatha can take good care of Malini. He isn’t taking her along with him to the supermarket. Tamizh is with Malini, so she will feel happy. Sundari says that Lakshmi can take good care of her. She says that Malini needs privacy with Krishna. Krishna says that we have more than enough privacy in this house. She comes home rarely. Sundari says that Malini needs his presence with her. Krishna says that she is hiding something from him. The doctor said poison wasn’t mixed with the food. But she said to Malini that it was just a food poison. He forgot to ask her about it. Sundari says that she has many problems in her job. Rajappa is the head of this place. He is doing all the wrong deeds here.


He is targeting her. Malini was trapped at his place today. Actually, he set that trap for her. On that day he sent the goon to kill her. She fears that something will happen wrong to him and Malini. She asks him to take Malini to the village. Krishna says that at least she revealed it to him now. He thought that something was going strange here. He says that he decided not to leave her. Sundari says that Malini will end up in danger. Krishna says that both Malini and Sundari are important to him. He won’t leave her here alone. She is his sister. Sundari says that she can’t give protection to them often. Krishna says that he doesn’t need her protection. He can protect her. Sundari says that he doesn’t understand her. He says that she doesn’t understand the seriousness of these issues. He won’t leave her alone here. Sundari says that she won’t ask him to leave. But he shouldn’t visit her office. She could deal with this case. Krishna nodded to her. Later, Sundari visits Akhil’s house. Appatha asked Grandmother about her health. She says that she feels a little tired. Sundari helps Akhil to get ready for school. Appatha gave a signal to her. Akhil is happy to meet Tamizh. She says that she got ready early to meet him. Sundari asks her why she is helping Akhil to get ready when she is sick. She says that Vetri is cooking.

Grandmother says that she is sick. That is why Vetri is cooking. Sundari says that she will help him. Vetri burns his hand mistakenly. Sundari helps him. Grandmother and Appatha admire their bond. Sundari asks Akhil what he wants? She will cook for him. Akhil gets excited. He asks her to cook vegetable fried rice for him. Sundari assures him to cook it for him. Vetri thanked her. Grandmother asks Vetri to take a rest. Sundari will cook. Vetri asks her about Malini. Appatha says that she is feeling better now. Appatha asks him to stop taking risks. If he needs anything, just ask Sundari. She will definitely help him. Vetri says that he feels uncomfortable getting her help. Appatha says that she respects him and his family. He leaves to help Akhil. Tamizh asks Sundari why she is cooking in Akhil’s house. She says that Grandmother is sick. Tamizh says that he doesn’t have a mother. She doesn’t have a father. Sundari says that she shouldn’t talk like that. Grandmother and Vetri will take care of Akhil.

Sundari asks Tamizh to call everyone to eat food. Sundari served food to Akhil. She feeds food to Akhil. Akhil asks Sundari to cook for him often. Tamizh says that he shouldn’t expect her often. He will starve. Sundari says that she can’t promise him to come here daily. But she will cook for him whenever she gets time. Vetri asks her not to give commitment to him. Sundari says that it’s not a big deal. Appatha and Grandmother admired their bond. She says that they look like a perfect family. Later, Murugan drives the car. Ayyappan and Latha notice the car door isn’t closed. Lakshmi fails to notice latha.

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