Sundari 31st May 2022 Written Update: Lakshmi learnt the truth

Sundari 31st May 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Anu calls to Subbu. He doubts why is she calling to him? He attends the call and enquires about her health? Subbu informs to her that there was a fire accident that’s why they couldn’t attend the call. Anu gets shocked to hear it and enquire him about her family? Subbu assures to her that all are fine Malini whom stucked inside the fire. Her family members was far away on that incident so nothing to worry about them. Sidha maruthuvar treated Malini she was on bed rest.

Subbu appreciates himself for managing the situation well. Later Valli asks Appatha why didn’t Malini get conscious yet? Appatha says that she was young so she didn’t faced such situation yet she is sleeping. She will be alright. Valli shares that she doubt whether she is sleeping or unconcious. Appatha says it’s good to take rest on this time. Appatha consoles Sundari. Sundari shares her grief to her mom.

Valli asks her to stop worrying like this doesn’t Murugan fulfilled his promise to Karuppu! So god won’t leave him. They leaves from there Sundari sits beside Malini. Sundari thinks she was the reason behind her state. If she didn’t asked her to go there she wouldn’t have been in this state. She shares to her whatever Palani said to her. She fears Is she still in danger? She pleads her to open her eyes and answer to her all questions. She has no clarity whether Palani blabbering or saying the truth. She assures her to support her in all situation. Arun and his friends are praising Arun for his success plan. Palani and Korangu comes there taking garland. Arun says that Palani has no brain to think smartly so they won’t find out the truth.

Arun looking down on them and assures to his friends they wouldn’t have doubted him. He is doing this all to create good image in village. Palani comes there and put garland on Arun and appreciates him for saving Malini from fire. Palani adds that he lost his respect due to Malini. But Arun lost his father because of that family. He provokes Arun to find out the truth. Arun smartly ignores him. Palani strongly believes that his hand is behind this incident and stare him in teasing way. Later Lakshmi shares her doubt with Murugan. He advise her to stop confusing herself and think about her safety. He assures to her that let’s ask her about it later. Krishna comes there to meet Malini. He feels emotional seeing her state. Lakshmi overhears their conversation.

Episode end.