Sundari 31st October 2023 Written Update: Sundari’s bold act

Sundari 31st October 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Murugan asking Lakshmi to take care of Selvi. She shouldn’t worry about Karthick anymore. Lakshmi nodded to him. Meanwhile, Latha informs Sundari that she has completed her work. She appreciates her. Chellappa teases Vasu about risking his life to save Sundari. Sundari notices him and asks him why he is back at work. His wound is still fresh. It’s not healed yet. She asks him to come back to work after his wound is healed. Latha says that he likes to work rather than taking rest at home. Sundari says that he shouldn’t do any work here or else she will send him back home. Vasu assured her. Sundari says to Chellappa that she is going to give an important responsibility to him. He assured her to do that work. Sundari asks him to take care of Vasu. He shouldn’t do any work here. Chellappa assures her. Vasu asks him to continue his work. He doesn’t need to stay beside him. Chellappa says that Sundari doesn’t like him at all. If he fails to obey her, then she will fire him. Later, Murugan visits Sundari’s house. Malini is excited about seeing them. She complaints that they forgot her and that is why they didn’t visit her often.


Lakshmi says that she started complaining about seeing her father. Malini asks Selvi why she looks dull? She lies to her as nothing. Appatha asks them why they do not visit them often. Murugan says that he has a lot of pending work there. That is why he couldn’t meet them. Lakshmi asks them to invite them inside. Appatha asks them what this parcel is? Murugan says that it’s their favourite sweet. Appatha says that he is still worried about them. Murugan asks her about Sundari and Tamizh. She said that Sundari went to the office. Krishna went to the supermarket. Tamizh went to school. Meanwhile, Appatha notices Selvi is looking dull. Lakshmi says that Selvi dreamt about Karthick returning home. That is why she brought her here to spend time with Tamizh. Appatha says that she shouldn’t worry about a dead person. Selvi says that she feels like he was alive somewhere else. Appatha says that it’s his destiny. The god God decides everyone’s birth and death. We can’t do anything about it.

Appatha says that she is seeing her son in Sundari’s face. Selvi says that she can’t accept Karthick’s death. Appatha says that she will be alright if she spent time with Sundari and her daughter. Appatha says that she doesn’t have any idea when will Sundari return to home. Murugan says that her duty is like that. She is a collector of this city. Malini disliked it. Sundari asks Latha If any new contractor contacted them to take the tender. She tells her no one applied. Rajappa asked that tender for the same rate. Chellappa says that no one will come to apply for it. Sundari says that definitely someone will come. She asks her to bring her phone. Murugan called her at that time. Malini says that she won’t attend his phone call. She is behaving like a collector in home. He shouldn’t expect her to call him back. Murugan says that she may be busy at working. She will call back at him once she is free.

Appatha complaints that Sundari is not taking care of Tamizh and her. She is always busy at her work. Malini asks him to fresh up instead of waiting for her. Sundari calls Murugan back. She is happy to learn that Murugan and Lakshmi came to visit her. She assures her to meet them asap. Malini says that she won’t come giving some lame excuses. Sundari is about to leave. Latha informs her that the college students are in strike. Sundari rushes to the college. Meanwhile, Chinnaponnu provokes Rajappa against Sundari.

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