Sundari 3rd July 2022 Written Update: Sidharth motivates Sundari

Sundari 3rd August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Murugan gets happy after god gave permission to him. He shares his happiness to Sundari. Murugan says to Sundari that he will perform this marriage at any cost. He pleads with her to stand with him that’s enough to him. He thank God for giving permission to him. Sundari stares him emotional. Meanwhile Lakshmi worries about the incident. Her mom advises her to concentrate on wedding arrangements instead of thinking about it all.

Lakshmi adds that this wedding work started after Malini stuck into fire. Invitation burnt and Pandakaal too fell down how will she take it easily. Her mom ask her doesn’t she remember what happened on her wedding day? Lakshmi tells her that she can’t able to accept this all. Murugan returns to home and asks everyone to arrange everything asap. Lakshmi stares him in confusion seeing his happiness. Murugan tells her that Sundari is the reason behind his happiness. She helped him to get permission from god. Sundari’s mother in law appreciates Sundari for bring back the happiness to their family. Lakshmi thank Sundari for her help. Sundari asks her to stop thanking her.

Meanwhile Sundari calls Sidhu. She asks him Is he angry on her? Sidharth tells her that he can able to understand her situation. She said those words to him in anger. He asks her Is she studying or not? She assures him that she is spending 2 hours to study. Sundari shares to him that she is so confused. He is her only friend that’s why she sharing her problems with him. He asks her what’s bothering her?

Sundari says to him that she wanna see this marriage halt but she couldn’t see Murugan in devasted state. He asks her why did she wish to see this marriage halt? Sundari shares to him first of all Krishna and Malini loving each other. Arun is not a good person. He asks her Is she has solid proof to prove Arun is a wrong selection? She can able to speak against him if she has proof.

Sidharth asks Sundari doesn’t Murugan strongly believes he is a good person it seems he saw something good in him. Why don’t she find out his good side too? Sundari asks him what will she do now? Whether to follow her heart or keep quiet for her uncle? Sidharth tells her if this marriage wanna take place means they can’t able to stop it. Sundari says to him that she needs his help to prepare for exam after she return to home. Meanwhile Sundari’s mother in law comes there to enquire about her life? She informs to her she was busy in preparing for exam. She complaints to Sundari that she is not talking with her likewise Karthick is also not minding them. She advises her to meet them often. Sundari apologizes to her for not meet them.

Sundari asks her why did father in law didn’t attend the wedding? She tells her his health issues didn’t let him travel anywhere. She enquires about his health? She assures Sundari that he is better now. Later Anu dials to Karthick but he didn’t attend the call. She throws her phone down in angry. Mallika tells her he may be busy there that’s why he didn’t attend the phone. She complaints that he is a photographer not relative to get busy. Mallika talks favour to Karthick. Anu gets surprised to hear it. She assures to Anu that he will definitely call her back. Anu feels emotional thinking they don’t have relatives at all. She consoles her.

Later Sundari asks Karthick to help her. Krishna asks her what happened? Sundari asks Karthick to drop her in Arun house. Karthik nods with her for family sake. Malini throws paper ball on Krishna. She demands him to meet at night after everyone slept. Meanwhile Arun demands Palani and Korangu to keep an eye on Sundari always. He gets surprised to see Sundari there.

Episode end